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// +build OMIT
// Package gorilla provides a implementation whose Value
// method returns the values associated with a specific HTTP request in the
// package.
package gorilla
import (
gcontext ""
// NewContext returns a Context whose Value method returns values associated
// with req using the Gorilla context package:
func NewContext(parent context.Context, req *http.Request) context.Context {
return &wrapper{parent, req}
type wrapper struct {
req *http.Request
type key int
const reqKey key = 0
// Value returns Gorilla's context package's value for this Context's request
// and key. It delegates to the parent Context if there is no such value.
func (ctx *wrapper) Value(key interface{}) interface{} {
if key == reqKey {
return ctx.req
if val, ok := gcontext.GetOk(ctx.req, key); ok {
return val
return ctx.Context.Value(key)
// HTTPRequest returns the *http.Request associated with ctx using NewContext,
// if any.
func HTTPRequest(ctx context.Context) (*http.Request, bool) {
// We cannot use ctx.(*wrapper).req to get the request because ctx may
// be a Context derived from a *wrapper. Instead, we use Value to
// access the request if it is anywhere up the Context tree.
req, ok := ctx.Value(reqKey).(*http.Request)
return req, ok