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<title>Privacy Policy: Go Vulnerability Database</title>
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<h1>Privacy Policy</h1>
The <code>govulncheck</code> command retrieves vulnerability information
for modules by connecting to the Go Vulnerability Database run by Google
(<a href=""></a>).
Clients send data in HTTP requests to this database, which logs standard HTTP information:
<li>Request timestamp</li>
<li>IP address</li>
<li>Full request URL, including service domain and URI path being requested</li>
We use this data for debugging. In general, we've built this tool to retain
as little information about usage as possible while still ensuring that we
are able to detect and fix problems.
We do not store logged identifiable information such as IP addresses for
more than 30 days. We also do not correlate or combine information from our
request logs with any personal information that you have provided Google
for other services.
If you'd like to read the main policy which govulncheck adheres to, see the
<a href="" target="_blank">Google
Privacy Policy</a>.