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  1. 404.html
  2. copyright.html
  3. favicon.ico
  4. index.html
  5. privacy.html

Go Vulnerability Database Web Configuration

These files control what users see when they visit, and when they get a 404 on that site.


Every time a new CL is submitted, the existing .html and .ico files in this folder are automatically copied to the vuln DB bucket via the script in deploy/

If a new file is added, update the script in deploy/ and below.

Manual deployment

In exceptional cases, the files may need to be manually copied into the bucket. To do this, run this script:

gsutil cp webconfig/index.html gs://go-vulndb
for file in 404 copyright privacy; do
    gsutil -h "Content-Type:text/html" cp webconfig/$file.html gs://go-vulndb/$file
gsutil cp webconfig/favicon.ico gs://go-vulndb

This requires golang-vulndb-project-owners rights, which must be requested and approved via Access on Demand (go/get-aod).

Initial Setup

The initial setup has already been completed and no further action is required.

The go-vulndb bucket was configured to display these pages via:

gsutil web set -m index.html -e 404 gs://go-vulndb

Use gsutil web get gs://go-vulndb to display the current configuration.