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env GO111MODULE=on
# @commit should resolve
# should not resolve with -m,
# because that's not a module path.
! go get -m
# ... but it should work without -m.
# because of -d, the compiler should not run
go get -d -x
! stderr 'compile|cp|gccgo .*language\.a$'
# go get should skip build with no Go files in root
go get
# ... and go get should skip build with -m
go get -m
# dropping -d, we should see a build.
go get -x
stderr 'compile|cp|gccgo .*language\.a$'
# BUG: after the build, the package should not be stale, as 'go install' would
# not do anything further.
go list -f '{{.Stale}}'
stdout ^true
# install after get should not run the compiler again.
go install -x
! stderr 'compile|cp|gccgo .*language\.a$'
# even with -d, we should see an error for unknown packages.
! go get -d -x
# get pseudo-version should record that version
go get
grep ' v0.0.0-20180214005840-23179ee8a569' go.mod
# but as commit should record as v1.5.1
go get
grep ' v1.5.1' go.mod
# go mod edit -require does not interpret commits
go mod edit -require
grep ' 23179ee' go.mod
# but other commands fix them
go mod graph
grep ' v1.5.1' go.mod
-- go.mod --
module x