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  1. b39cea3 cmd/go/internal/vgo: do not shadow GOPATH dir var by Daniel Theophanes · 3 weeks ago master
  2. 9271c4f cmd/go/internal/modfetch: fix coderepo test by Baokun Lee · 12 days ago
  3. 5643497 x/vgo: Fix parsing of go.mod with packages from by Joshua Rubin · 13 days ago
  4. f663b31 cmd/go/internal/vgo: vgo does not support relative imports by Baokun Lee · 5 weeks ago
  5. c3c97eb cmd/go/internal/cfg: read default CC and CXX from Go source code. by Ibrahim AshShohail · 4 weeks ago

Versioned Go Prototype (vgo)

This repository holds a prototype of what the go command might look like with integrated support for package versioning.

See for documents about the design.


Use go get -u

You can also manually git clone the repository to $GOPATH/src/

Report Issues / Send Patches


This is still a very early prototype. You are likely to run into bugs. Please file bugs in the main Go issue tracker,, and put the prefix x/vgo: in the issue title.

Thank you.