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// Package refs is a package used to test find references.
package refs
import "os" //@mark(osDecl, `"os"`),refs("os", osDecl, osUse)
type i int //@mark(typeI, "i"),refs("i", typeI, argI, returnI, embeddedI)
type X struct {
Y int //@mark(typeXY, "Y")
func _(_ i) []bool { //@mark(argI, "i")
return nil
func _(_ []byte) i { //@mark(returnI, "i")
return 0
var q string //@mark(declQ, "q"),refs("q", declQ, assignQ, bobQ)
var Q string //@mark(declExpQ, "Q"),refs("Q", declExpQ, assignExpQ, bobExpQ)
func _() {
q = "hello" //@mark(assignQ, "q")
bob := func(_ string) {}
bob(q) //@mark(bobQ, "q")
type e struct {
i //@mark(embeddedI, "i"),refs("i", embeddedI, embeddedIUse)
func _() {
_ = e{}.i //@mark(embeddedIUse, "i")
const (
foo = iota //@refs("iota")
func _(x interface{}) {
// We use the _ prefix because the markers inhabit a single
// namespace and yDecl is already used in ../highlights/highlights.go.
switch _y := x.(type) { //@mark(_yDecl, "_y"),refs("_y", _yDecl, _yInt, _yDefault)
case int:
println(_y) //@mark(_yInt, "_y"),refs("_y", _yDecl, _yInt, _yDefault)
println(_y) //@mark(_yDefault, "_y")
os.Getwd() //@mark(osUse, "os")