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// Copyright 2013 The Go Authors. All rights reserved.
// Use of this source code is governed by a BSD-style
// license that can be found in the LICENSE file.
// Except for this comment, this file is a verbatim copy of the file
// with the same name in $GOROOT/src/go/internal/gccgoimporter without
// the import of "testenv".
package gccgoimporter
import (
type importerTest struct {
pkgpath, name, want, wantval string
wantinits []string
gccgoVersion int // minimum gccgo version (0 => any)
func runImporterTest(t *testing.T, imp Importer, initmap map[*types.Package]InitData, test *importerTest) {
pkg, err := imp(make(map[string]*types.Package), test.pkgpath, ".", nil)
if err != nil {
if != "" {
obj := pkg.Scope().Lookup(
if obj == nil {
t.Errorf("%s: object not found",
got := types.ObjectString(obj, types.RelativeTo(pkg))
if got != test.want {
t.Errorf("%s: got %q; want %q",, got, test.want)
if test.wantval != "" {
gotval := obj.(*types.Const).Val().String()
if gotval != test.wantval {
t.Errorf("%s: got val %q; want val %q",, gotval, test.wantval)
if len(test.wantinits) > 0 {
initdata := initmap[pkg]
found := false
// Check that the package's own init function has the package's priority
for _, pkginit := range initdata.Inits {
if pkginit.InitFunc == test.wantinits[0] {
found = true
if !found {
t.Errorf("%s: could not find expected function %q", test.pkgpath, test.wantinits[0])
// FIXME: the original version of this test was written against
// the v1 export data scheme for capturing init functions, so it
// verified the priority values. We moved away from the priority
// scheme some time ago; it is not clear how much work it would be
// to validate the new init export data.
// When adding tests to this list, be sure to set the 'gccgoVersion'
// field if the testcases uses a "recent" Go addition (ex: aliases).
var importerTests = [...]importerTest{
{pkgpath: "pointer", name: "Int8Ptr", want: "type Int8Ptr *int8"},
{pkgpath: "complexnums", name: "NN", want: "const NN untyped complex", wantval: "(-1 + -1i)"},
{pkgpath: "complexnums", name: "NP", want: "const NP untyped complex", wantval: "(-1 + 1i)"},
{pkgpath: "complexnums", name: "PN", want: "const PN untyped complex", wantval: "(1 + -1i)"},
{pkgpath: "complexnums", name: "PP", want: "const PP untyped complex", wantval: "(1 + 1i)"},
{pkgpath: "conversions", name: "Bits", want: "const Bits Units", wantval: `"bits"`},
{pkgpath: "time", name: "Duration", want: "type Duration int64"},
{pkgpath: "time", name: "Nanosecond", want: "const Nanosecond Duration", wantval: "1"},
{pkgpath: "unicode", name: "IsUpper", want: "func IsUpper(r rune) bool"},
{pkgpath: "unicode", name: "MaxRune", want: "const MaxRune untyped rune", wantval: "1114111"},
{pkgpath: "imports", wantinits: []string{"imports..import", "fmt..import"}},
{pkgpath: "importsar", name: "Hello", want: "var Hello string"},
{pkgpath: "aliases", name: "A14", gccgoVersion: 7, want: "type A14 = func(int, T0) chan T2"},
{pkgpath: "aliases", name: "C0", gccgoVersion: 7, want: "type C0 struct{f1 C1; f2 C1}"},
{pkgpath: "escapeinfo", name: "NewT", want: "func NewT(data []byte) *T"},
{pkgpath: "issue27856", name: "M", gccgoVersion: 7, want: "type M struct{E F}"},
{pkgpath: "v1reflect", name: "Type", want: "type Type interface{Align() int; AssignableTo(u Type) bool; Bits() int; ChanDir() ChanDir; Elem() Type; Field(i int) StructField; FieldAlign() int; FieldByIndex(index []int) StructField; FieldByName(name string) (StructField, bool); FieldByNameFunc(match func(string) bool) (StructField, bool); Implements(u Type) bool; In(i int) Type; IsVariadic() bool; Key() Type; Kind() Kind; Len() int; Method(int) Method; MethodByName(string) (Method, bool); Name() string; NumField() int; NumIn() int; NumMethod() int; NumOut() int; Out(i int) Type; PkgPath() string; Size() uintptr; String() string; common() *commonType; rawString() string; runtimeType() *runtimeType; uncommon() *uncommonType}"},
{pkgpath: "nointerface", name: "I", want: "type I int"},
{pkgpath: "issue29198", name: "FooServer", gccgoVersion: 7, want: "type FooServer struct{FooServer *FooServer; user string; ctx context.Context}"},
{pkgpath: "issue30628", name: "Apple", want: "type Apple struct{hey sync.RWMutex; x int; RQ [517]struct{Count uintptr; NumBytes uintptr; Last uintptr}}"},
{pkgpath: "issue31540", name: "S", gccgoVersion: 7, want: "type S struct{b int; map[Y]Z}"},
{pkgpath: "issue34182", name: "T1", want: "type T1 struct{f *T2}"},
{pkgpath: "notinheap", name: "S", want: "type S struct{}"},
func TestGoxImporter(t *testing.T) {
testenv.MustHaveExec(t) // this is to skip nacl, js
initmap := make(map[*types.Package]InitData)
imp := GetImporter([]string{"testdata"}, initmap)
for _, test := range importerTests {
runImporterTest(t, imp, initmap, &test)
// gccgoPath returns a path to gccgo if it is present (either in
// path or specified via GCCGO environment variable), or an
// empty string if no gccgo is available.
func gccgoPath() string {
gccgoname := os.Getenv("GCCGO")
if gccgoname == "" {
gccgoname = "gccgo"
if gpath, gerr := exec.LookPath(gccgoname); gerr == nil {
return gpath
return ""
func TestObjImporter(t *testing.T) {
// This test relies on gccgo being around.
gpath := gccgoPath()
if gpath == "" {
t.Skip("This test needs gccgo")
if runtime.GOOS == "aix" {
// We don't yet have a debug/xcoff package for reading
// object files on AIX. Remove this skip if/when issue #29038
// is implemented (see also issue #49445).
t.Skip("no support yet for debug/xcoff")
verout, err := exec.Command(gpath, "--version").CombinedOutput()
if err != nil {
t.Logf("%s", verout)
vers := regexp.MustCompile(`([0-9]+)\.([0-9]+)`).FindSubmatch(verout)
if len(vers) == 0 {
t.Fatalf("could not find version number in %s", verout)
major, err := strconv.Atoi(string(vers[1]))
if err != nil {
minor, err := strconv.Atoi(string(vers[2]))
if err != nil {
t.Logf("gccgo version %d.%d", major, minor)
tmpdir := t.TempDir()
initmap := make(map[*types.Package]InitData)
imp := GetImporter([]string{tmpdir}, initmap)
artmpdir := t.TempDir()
arinitmap := make(map[*types.Package]InitData)
arimp := GetImporter([]string{artmpdir}, arinitmap)
for _, test := range importerTests {
if major < test.gccgoVersion {
// Support for type aliases was added in GCC 7.
t.Logf("skipping %q: not supported before gccgo version %d", test.pkgpath, test.gccgoVersion)
gofile := filepath.Join("testdata", test.pkgpath+".go")
if _, err := os.Stat(gofile); os.IsNotExist(err) {
ofile := filepath.Join(tmpdir, test.pkgpath+".o")
afile := filepath.Join(artmpdir, "lib"+test.pkgpath+".a")
cmd := exec.Command(gpath, "-fgo-pkgpath="+test.pkgpath, "-c", "-o", ofile, gofile)
out, err := cmd.CombinedOutput()
if err != nil {
t.Logf("%s", out)
t.Fatalf("gccgo %s failed: %s", gofile, err)
runImporterTest(t, imp, initmap, &test)
cmd = exec.Command("ar", "cr", afile, ofile)
out, err = cmd.CombinedOutput()
if err != nil {
t.Logf("%s", out)
t.Fatalf("ar cr %s %s failed: %s", afile, ofile, err)
runImporterTest(t, arimp, arinitmap, &test)
if err = os.Remove(ofile); err != nil {
if err = os.Remove(afile); err != nil {