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// Copyright 2020 The Go Authors. All rights reserved.
// Use of this source code is governed by a BSD-style
// license that can be found in the LICENSE file.
//go:build zos && s390x
// Hand edited based on ztypes_linux_s390x.go
// TODO: auto-generate.
package unix
const (
SizeofPtr = 0x8
SizeofShort = 0x2
SizeofInt = 0x4
SizeofLong = 0x8
SizeofLongLong = 0x8
PathMax = 0x1000
const (
SizeofSockaddrAny = 128
SizeofCmsghdr = 12
SizeofIPMreq = 8
SizeofIPv6Mreq = 20
SizeofICMPv6Filter = 32
SizeofIPv6MTUInfo = 32
SizeofLinger = 8
SizeofSockaddrInet4 = 16
SizeofSockaddrInet6 = 28
SizeofTCPInfo = 0x68
type (
_C_short int16
_C_int int32
_C_long int64
_C_long_long int64
type Timespec struct {
Sec int64
Nsec int64
type Timeval struct {
Sec int64
Usec int64
type timeval_zos struct { //correct (with padding and all)
Sec int64
_ [4]byte // pad
Usec int32
type Tms struct { //clock_t is 4-byte unsigned int in zos
Utime uint32
Stime uint32
Cutime uint32
Cstime uint32
type Time_t int64
type Utimbuf struct {
Actime int64
Modtime int64
type Utsname struct {
Sysname [65]byte
Nodename [65]byte
Release [65]byte
Version [65]byte
Machine [65]byte
Domainname [65]byte
type RawSockaddrInet4 struct {
Len uint8
Family uint8
Port uint16
Addr [4]byte /* in_addr */
Zero [8]uint8
type RawSockaddrInet6 struct {
Len uint8
Family uint8
Port uint16
Flowinfo uint32
Addr [16]byte /* in6_addr */
Scope_id uint32
type RawSockaddrUnix struct {
Len uint8
Family uint8
Path [108]int8
type RawSockaddr struct {
Len uint8
Family uint8
Data [14]uint8
type RawSockaddrAny struct {
Addr RawSockaddr
_ [112]uint8 // pad
type _Socklen uint32
type Linger struct {
Onoff int32
Linger int32
type Iovec struct {
Base *byte
Len uint64
type IPMreq struct {
Multiaddr [4]byte /* in_addr */
Interface [4]byte /* in_addr */
type IPv6Mreq struct {
Multiaddr [16]byte /* in6_addr */
Interface uint32
type Msghdr struct {
Name *byte
Iov *Iovec
Control *byte
Flags int32
Namelen int32
Iovlen int32
Controllen int32
type Cmsghdr struct {
Len int32
Level int32
Type int32
type Inet4Pktinfo struct {
Addr [4]byte /* in_addr */
Ifindex uint32
type Inet6Pktinfo struct {
Addr [16]byte /* in6_addr */
Ifindex uint32
type IPv6MTUInfo struct {
Addr RawSockaddrInet6
Mtu uint32
type ICMPv6Filter struct {
Data [8]uint32
type TCPInfo struct {
State uint8
Ca_state uint8
Retransmits uint8
Probes uint8
Backoff uint8
Options uint8
Rto uint32
Ato uint32
Snd_mss uint32
Rcv_mss uint32
Unacked uint32
Sacked uint32
Lost uint32
Retrans uint32
Fackets uint32
Last_data_sent uint32
Last_ack_sent uint32
Last_data_recv uint32
Last_ack_recv uint32
Pmtu uint32
Rcv_ssthresh uint32
Rtt uint32
Rttvar uint32
Snd_ssthresh uint32
Snd_cwnd uint32
Advmss uint32
Reordering uint32
Rcv_rtt uint32
Rcv_space uint32
Total_retrans uint32
type _Gid_t uint32
type rusage_zos struct {
Utime timeval_zos
Stime timeval_zos
type Rusage struct {
Utime Timeval
Stime Timeval
Maxrss int64
Ixrss int64
Idrss int64
Isrss int64
Minflt int64
Majflt int64
Nswap int64
Inblock int64
Oublock int64
Msgsnd int64
Msgrcv int64
Nsignals int64
Nvcsw int64
Nivcsw int64
type Rlimit struct {
Cur uint64
Max uint64
// { int, short, short } in poll.h
type PollFd struct {
Fd int32
Events int16
Revents int16
type Stat_t struct { //Linux Definition
Dev uint64
Ino uint64
Nlink uint64
Mode uint32
Uid uint32
Gid uint32
_ int32
Rdev uint64
Size int64
Atim Timespec
Mtim Timespec
Ctim Timespec
Blksize int64
Blocks int64
_ [3]int64
type Stat_LE_t struct {
_ [4]byte // eye catcher
Length uint16
Version uint16
Mode int32
Ino uint32
Dev uint32
Nlink int32
Uid int32
Gid int32
Size int64
Atim31 [4]byte
Mtim31 [4]byte
Ctim31 [4]byte
Rdev uint32
Auditoraudit uint32
Useraudit uint32
Blksize int32
Creatim31 [4]byte
AuditID [16]byte
_ [4]byte // rsrvd1
File_tag struct {
Ccsid uint16
Txtflag uint16 // aggregating Txflag:1 deferred:1 rsvflags:14
CharsetID [8]byte
Blocks int64
Genvalue uint32
Reftim31 [4]byte
Fid [8]byte
Filefmt byte
Fspflag2 byte
_ [2]byte // rsrvd2
Ctimemsec int32
Seclabel [8]byte
_ [4]byte // rsrvd3
_ [4]byte // rsrvd4
Atim Time_t
Mtim Time_t
Ctim Time_t
Creatim Time_t
Reftim Time_t
_ [24]byte // rsrvd5
type Statvfs_t struct {
ID [4]byte
Len int32
Bsize uint64
Blocks uint64
Usedspace uint64
Bavail uint64
Flag uint64
Maxfilesize int64
_ [16]byte
Frsize uint64
Bfree uint64
Files uint32
Ffree uint32
Favail uint32
Namemax31 uint32
Invarsec uint32
_ [4]byte
Fsid uint64
Namemax uint64
type Statfs_t struct {
Type uint32
Bsize uint64
Blocks uint64
Bfree uint64
Bavail uint64
Files uint32
Ffree uint32
Fsid uint64
Namelen uint64
Frsize uint64
Flags uint64
type direntLE struct {
Reclen uint16
Namlen uint16
Ino uint32
Extra uintptr
Name [256]byte
type Dirent struct {
Ino uint64
Off int64
Reclen uint16
Type uint8
Name [256]uint8
_ [5]byte
type FdSet struct {
Bits [64]int32
// This struct is packed on z/OS so it can't be used directly.
type Flock_t struct {
Type int16
Whence int16
Start int64
Len int64
Pid int32
type Termios struct {
Cflag uint32
Iflag uint32
Lflag uint32
Oflag uint32
Cc [11]uint8
type Winsize struct {
Row uint16
Col uint16
Xpixel uint16
Ypixel uint16
type W_Mnth struct {
Hid [4]byte
Size int32
Cur1 int32 //32bit pointer
Cur2 int32 //^
Devno uint32
_ [4]byte
type W_Mntent struct {
Fstype uint32
Mode uint32
Dev uint32
Parentdev uint32
Rootino uint32
Status byte
Ddname [9]byte
Fstname [9]byte
Fsname [45]byte
Pathlen uint32
Mountpoint [1024]byte
Jobname [8]byte
PID int32
Parmoffset int32
Parmlen int16
Owner [8]byte
Quiesceowner [8]byte
_ [38]byte