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// Code generated by linux/mkall.go generatePtraceRegSet("arm64"). DO NOT EDIT.
package unix
import "unsafe"
// PtraceGetRegSetArm64 fetches the registers used by arm64 binaries.
func PtraceGetRegSetArm64(pid, addr int, regsout *PtraceRegsArm64) error {
iovec := Iovec{(*byte)(unsafe.Pointer(regsout)), uint64(unsafe.Sizeof(*regsout))}
return ptracePtr(PTRACE_GETREGSET, pid, uintptr(addr), unsafe.Pointer(&iovec))
// PtraceSetRegSetArm64 sets the registers used by arm64 binaries.
func PtraceSetRegSetArm64(pid, addr int, regs *PtraceRegsArm64) error {
iovec := Iovec{(*byte)(unsafe.Pointer(regs)), uint64(unsafe.Sizeof(*regs))}
return ptracePtr(PTRACE_SETREGSET, pid, uintptr(addr), unsafe.Pointer(&iovec))