http2: avoid Transport hang with Connection: close and AllowHTTP

CL 111835 changed Transport stream ID numbering to start at
stream 3 when AllowHTTP is set. This was based on a

When a connection upgrades an HTTP/1.1 request to HTTP/2,
the initial HTTP/1.1 request occupies stream 1.
However, Transport does not perform HTTP protocol upgrades.
When using a Transport to send unencrypted HTTP/2 requests,
the entire connection uses HTTP/2, the first request is
sent as HTTP/2, and there is no reason not to use stream 1
for this request.

Starting from stream 3 is mostly harmless,
but ClientConn.idleStateLocked assumes that client streams
start from 1. This causes it to misidentify new single-use
connections as having already sent a request (when AllowHTTP
is set), and therefore not suitable for use.

Revert to always starting stream IDs at 1.

Fixes golang/go#67671

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