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// Copyright 2014 The Go Authors. All rights reserved.
// Use of this source code is governed by a BSD-style
// license that can be found in the LICENSE file.
//go:build linux && !android
package app
Simple on-screen app debugging for X11. Not an officially supported
development target for apps, as screens with mice are very different
than screens with touch panels.
#cgo LDFLAGS: -lEGL -lGLESv2 -lX11
void createWindow(void);
void processEvents(void);
void swapBuffers(void);
import "C"
import (
func init() {
func main(f func(App)) {
workAvailable := theApp.worker.WorkAvailable()
// TODO: send lifecycle events when e.g. the X11 window is iconified or moved off-screen.
// TODO: translate X11 expose events to shiny paint events, instead of
// sending this synthetic paint event as a hack.
theApp.eventsIn <- paint.Event{}
donec := make(chan struct{})
go func() {
// close the donec channel in a defer statement
// so that we could still be able to return even
// if f panics.
defer close(donec)
// TODO: can we get the actual vsync signal?
ticker := time.NewTicker(time.Second / 60)
defer ticker.Stop()
var tc <-chan time.Time
for {
select {
case <-donec:
case <-workAvailable:
case <-theApp.publish:
tc = ticker.C
case <-tc:
tc = nil
theApp.publishResult <- PublishResult{}
//export onResize
func onResize(w, h int) {
// TODO(nigeltao): don't assume 72 DPI. DisplayWidth and DisplayWidthMM
// is probably the best place to start looking.
pixelsPerPt := float32(1)
theApp.eventsIn <- size.Event{
WidthPx: w,
HeightPx: h,
WidthPt: geom.Pt(w),
HeightPt: geom.Pt(h),
PixelsPerPt: pixelsPerPt,
func sendTouch(t touch.Type, x, y float32) {
theApp.eventsIn <- touch.Event{
X: x,
Y: y,
Sequence: 0, // TODO: button??
Type: t,
//export onTouchBegin
func onTouchBegin(x, y float32) { sendTouch(touch.TypeBegin, x, y) }
//export onTouchMove
func onTouchMove(x, y float32) { sendTouch(touch.TypeMove, x, y) }
//export onTouchEnd
func onTouchEnd(x, y float32) { sendTouch(touch.TypeEnd, x, y) }
var stopped bool
//export onStop
func onStop() {
if stopped {
stopped = true
theApp.eventsIn <- stopPumping{}