Go on Android and iOS devices

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  1. ca3c581 all: use "reports whether" in godoc comments by Tobias Klauser · 2 weeks ago master
  2. a27dd33 cmd/gomobile: use the correct case for the generated Universe.objc.h file by Tadas V · 7 weeks ago
  3. 92f3b9c misc,example/bind/hello: remove the Gradle plugin by Elias Naur · 9 weeks ago
  4. 920b52b cmd/gomobile: bump minimum sdk version and update gradle for NDK 18 by Elias Naur · 3 months ago
  5. f9c3329 bind: add support for Objective-C unsigned char to reverse bindings by Tadas · 3 months ago

Go support for Mobile devices

The Go mobile repository holds packages and build tools for using Go on mobile platforms.

Package documentation as a starting point:

Caution image

The Go Mobile project is experimental. Use this at your own risk. While we are working hard to improve it, neither Google nor the Go team can provide end-user support.

This is early work and installing the build system requires Go 1.5. Follow the instructions on golang.org/wiki/Mobile to install the gomobile command, build the basic and the bind example apps.

Contributions to Go are appreciated. See https://golang.org/doc/contribute.html.