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// Code generated by gobind. DO NOT EDIT.
// Java class basictypes.Basictypes is a proxy for talking to a Go program.
// autogenerated by gobind -lang=java basictypes
package basictypes;
import go.Seq;
public abstract class Basictypes {
static {
Seq.touch(); // for loading the native library
private Basictypes() {} // uninstantiable
// touch is called from other bound packages to initialize this package
public static void touch() {}
private static native void _init();
public static final boolean ABool = true;
public static final double AFloat = 0.2015;
public static final String ALongString = "LongString,LongString,LongString,LongString,LongString,LongString,LongString,LongString,LongString,LongString,LongString,LongString,LongString,LongString,LongString,LongString,LongString,LongString,LongString,LongString,LongString,LongString,LongString,LongString,LongString,LongString,LongString,LongString,LongString,LongString,LongString,LongString,LongString,LongString,LongString,LongString,LongString,LongString,LongString,LongString,LongString,LongString,LongString,LongString,LongString,LongString,LongString,LongString,LongString,LongString,LongString,LongString,LongString,LongString";
public static final int ARune = 32;
public static final String AString = "a string";
public static final long AnInt = 7L;
public static final long AnInt2 = 9223372036854775807L;
public static native boolean bool(boolean p0);
public static native byte[] byteArrays(byte[] x);
public static native void error() throws Exception;
public static native long errorPair() throws Exception;
public static native void ints(byte x, short y, int z, long t, long u);