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// Copyright 2015 The Go Authors. All rights reserved.
// Use of this source code is governed by a BSD-style
// license that can be found in the LICENSE file.
// +build ignore
@import ObjectiveC.message;
@import Foundation;
@import XCTest;
@import Objcpkg;
@interface TestNSObject : NSObject
- (NSString *)description;
- (NSString *)super_description;
@implementation TestNSObject
- (NSString *)description {
return @"hej";
- (NSString *)super_description {
return [super description];
@interface wrappers : XCTestCase
@implementation wrappers
- (void)setUp {
[super setUp];
// Put setup code here. This method is called before the invocation of each test method in the class.
- (void)tearDown {
// Put teardown code here. This method is called after the invocation of each test method in the class.
[super tearDown];
- (void)testFunction {
- (void)testMethod {
- (void)testNew {
- (void)testError {
- (void)testClass {
ObjcpkgGoNSDate *d = [[ObjcpkgGoNSDate alloc] init];
NSString *desc = [d description];
XCTAssertEqual(d, [d getSelf], "GoNSDate self not identical");
XCTAssertEqual(ObjcpkgHash, [d hash], "GoNSDate hash not identical");
XCTAssertTrue([desc isEqualToString:ObjcpkgDescriptionStr], "GoNSDate description mismatch: %@", desc);
ObjcpkgGoUIResponder *resp = [[ObjcpkgGoUIResponder alloc] init];
[resp pressesBegan:nil withEvent:nil];
XCTAssertTrue([resp called], "GoUIResponder.pressesBegan not called");
- (void)testSuper {
ObjcpkgGoNSObject *o = [[ObjcpkgGoNSObject alloc] init];
struct objc_super _super = {
.receiver = o,
.super_class = [NSObject class],
NSString *superDesc = ((NSString *(*)(struct objc_super*, SEL))objc_msgSendSuper)(&_super, @selector(description));
XCTAssertTrue([superDesc isEqualToString:[o description]], "GoNSObject description mismatch");
[o setUseSelf:TRUE];
XCTAssertTrue([ObjcpkgDescriptionStr isEqualToString:[o description]], "GoNSObject description mismatch");
- (void)testIdentity {
NSDate *d = [[NSDate alloc] init];
NSDate *d2 = ObjcpkgDupNSDate(d);
XCTAssertEqual(d, d2, @"ObjcpkgDupNSDate failed to duplicate ObjC instance");
ObjcpkgGoNSDate *gd = [[ObjcpkgGoNSDate alloc] init];
NSDate *gd2 = ObjcpkgDupNSDate(gd);
XCTAssertEqual(gd, gd2, @"ObjcpkgDupNSDate failed to duplicate Go instance");
NSDate *gd3 = ObjcpkgNewGoNSDate();
NSDate *gd4 = ObjcpkgDupNSDate(gd3);
XCTAssertEqual(gd4, gd3, @"ObjcpkgDupNSDate failed to duplicate instance created in Go");