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// Copyright 2015 The Go Authors. All rights reserved.
// Use of this source code is governed by a BSD-style
// license that can be found in the LICENSE file.
package main
import (
func TestIOSBuild(t *testing.T) {
buf := new(bytes.Buffer)
defer func() {
xout = os.Stderr
buildN = false
buildX = false
xout = buf
buildN = true
buildX = true
buildO = ""
buildTarget = "ios"
gopath = filepath.SplitList(os.Getenv("GOPATH"))[0]
ctx.BuildTags = []string{"tag1"}
err := runBuild(cmdBuild)
if err != nil {
diff, err := diffOutput(buf.String(), iosBuildTmpl)
if err != nil {
t.Fatalf("computing diff failed: %v", err)
if diff != "" {
t.Errorf("unexpected output:\n%s", diff)
var iosBuildTmpl = template.Must(infoplistTmpl.New("output").Parse(`GOMOBILE={{.GOPATH}}/pkg/gomobile
mkdir -p $WORK/main.xcodeproj
echo "{{.Xproj}}" > $WORK/main.xcodeproj/project.pbxproj
mkdir -p $WORK/main
echo "{{template "infoplist" .Xinfo}}" > $WORK/main/Info.plist
mkdir -p $WORK/main/Images.xcassets/AppIcon.appiconset
echo "{{.Xcontents}}" > $WORK/main/Images.xcassets/AppIcon.appiconset/Contents.json
GOOS=darwin GOARCH=arm GOARM=7 CC=clang-iphoneos CXX=clang-iphoneos CGO_CFLAGS=-isysroot=iphoneos -miphoneos-version-min=6.1 -arch armv7 CGO_LDFLAGS=-isysroot=iphoneos -miphoneos-version-min=6.1 -arch armv7 CGO_ENABLED=1 go build -pkgdir=$GOMOBILE/pkg_darwin_arm -tags tag1 ios -x -o=$WORK/arm
GOOS=darwin GOARCH=arm64 CC=clang-iphoneos CXX=clang-iphoneos CGO_CFLAGS=-isysroot=iphoneos -miphoneos-version-min=6.1 -arch arm64 CGO_LDFLAGS=-isysroot=iphoneos -miphoneos-version-min=6.1 -arch arm64 CGO_ENABLED=1 go build -pkgdir=$GOMOBILE/pkg_darwin_arm64 -tags tag1 ios -x -o=$WORK/arm64
xcrun lipo -create $WORK/arm $WORK/arm64 -o $WORK/main/main
mkdir -p $WORK/main/assets
xcrun xcodebuild -configuration Release -project $WORK/main.xcodeproj
mv $WORK/build/Release-iphoneos/