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# Tests the behavior of the -modfile flag in commands that support it.
# The go.mod file exists but should not be read or written.
# Same with go.sum.
env GOFLAGS=-modfile=go.alt.mod
cp go.mod go.mod.orig
cp go.sum go.sum.orig
# go mod init should create a new file, even though go.mod already exists.
go mod init
grep go.alt.mod
# 'go env GOMOD' should print the path to the real file.
# 'go env' does not recognize the '-modfile' flag.
go env GOMOD
stdout '^\$WORK[/\\]gopath[/\\]src[/\\]go.mod$'
# 'go list -m' should print the effective go.mod file as GoMod though.
go list -m -f '{{.GoMod}}'
stdout '^go.alt.mod$'
# go mod edit should operate on the alternate file
go mod edit -require
grep go.alt.mod
# other 'go mod' commands should work. 'go mod vendor' is tested later.
go mod download
go mod graph
go mod tidy
grep go.alt.sum
go mod verify
go mod why
# 'go list' and other commands with build flags should work.
# They should update the alternate go.mod when a dependency is missing.
go mod edit -droprequire
go list -mod=mod .
grep go.alt.mod
go build -n -mod=mod .
go test -n -mod=mod .
go get -d
# 'go mod vendor' should work.
go mod vendor
exists vendor
# Automatic vendoring should be broken by editing an explicit requirement
# in the alternate go.mod file.
go mod edit -require
! go list .
go list -mod=mod
rm vendor
# 'go generate' should use the alternate file when resolving packages.
# Recursive go commands started with 'go generate' should not get an explicitly
# passed -modfile, but they should see arguments from GOFLAGS.
cp go.alt.mod go.gen.mod
env GOFLAGS=-modfile=go.gen.mod
go generate -modfile=go.alt.mod .
grep go.gen.mod
! grep go.alt.mod
# The original files should not have been modified.
cmp go.mod go.mod.orig
cmp go.sum go.sum.orig
# If the altnernate mod file does not have a ".mod" suffix, an error
# should be reported.
cp go.alt.mod goaltmod
! go mod tidy -modfile=goaltmod
stderr '-modfile=goaltmod: file does not have .mod extension'
-- go.mod --
-- go.sum --
-- use.go --
package main
import _ ""
-- gen.go --
//go:generate go mod edit -exclude
package main