1. b84a580 image/png: pack image data for small bitdepth paletted images by Ian Davis · 2 weeks ago master
  2. c7ac645 runtime: fix reference to sys{Fault,Free,Reserve,Unused,Used} in comments by Tobias Klauser · 5 days ago
  3. 0ee8a55 cmd/compile/internal/ssa: fix a typo by Brad Fitzpatrick · 9 weeks ago
  4. 8c1c670 test: restore binary.BigEndian use in checkbce by Alberto Donizetti · 13 hours ago
  5. 5be7866 fmt: unify the printing examples by Rob Pike · 4 days ago
  6. 206fd78 spec: be more precise about the moment deferred functions are executed by Robert Griesemer · 3 days ago
  7. c5a8d1d fmt: add a package-level example illustrating basic formats by Rob Pike · 4 days ago
  8. b336906 test: skip some tests on noopt builder by Brad Fitzpatrick · 17 hours ago
  9. 01b7c2d cmd/vendor: update golang.org/x/sys/windows for windows/arm support by Brad Fitzpatrick · 14 hours ago
  10. f493e55 cmd/compile: document regalloc fields by Keith Randall · 14 hours ago
  11. fdceb2a compress: reduce copies of new text for compression testing by Katie Hockman · 11 days ago
  12. 5b3aafe net: don't reject domain names with only numbers and hyphens by Brad Fitzpatrick · 16 hours ago
  13. 4039be0 image: add benchmarks for At and Set methods by Ian Davis · 3 days ago
  14. 9774fa6 cmd/compile: fix precedence order bug by Keith Randall · 16 hours ago
  15. 8d6a455 net: don't use splice for unix{packet,gram} connections by Andrei Tudor Călin · 4 days ago
  16. c22c760 test/bench/garbage: update Benchmarks Game URL to new page by Jongmin Kim · 3 days ago
  17. f25656d syscall: replace lstat, lchown, stat to please Android O by Elias Naur · 3 days ago
  18. 6054fef test: fix bcecheck test on noopt builder by Alberto Donizetti · 2 days ago
  19. 3ff28f7 mime: derestrict value backslash unescaping for all encodings by Eugene Kalinin · 3 months ago
  20. ce53683 net/http: ensure null body in Fetch response is not read by Johan Brandhorst · 5 weeks ago
  21. fdefaba net/http: use Header.clone rather then duplicating functionality by Vladimir Varankin · 2 days ago
  22. ce58a39 cmd/compile/internal/gc: fix Node.copy and introduce (raw|sep)copy by Robert Griesemer · 4 days ago
  23. 499fbb1 cmd/compile/internal/gc: unify self-assignment checks in esc.go by Iskander Sharipov · 6 days ago
  24. 9a033bf cmd/compile: optimize 386's assembly generator by Ben Shi · 5 days ago
  25. 048c766 cmd/compile/internal/gc: minor code reorg (cleanup) by Robert Griesemer · 5 days ago
  26. ae37f5a cmd/compile: fix error message for &T{} literal mismatch by Robert Griesemer · 5 days ago
  27. 9c2e5f2 cmd/compile/internal/gc: better names for (b|c|f)conf (cleanup) by Robert Griesemer · 6 days ago
  28. 3f99d27 cmd/compiler/internal/gc: remove flag from bconv (cleanup) by Robert Griesemer · 6 days ago
  29. 919d5ae cmd/compiler/internal/gc: remove flag argument from fconv (cleanup) by Robert Griesemer · 6 days ago
  30. e82d152 fmt: fix usage of sync.Pool by Joe Tsai · 7 days ago
  31. 620bd5a cmd/go: write an hgrc file in TestMoveHG by Bryan C. Mills · 7 days ago
  32. f40dc5c clean: clean mod cache should respect "-n" option. by Tim Xu · 6 days ago
  33. 88c1fd6 cmd/compile/internal/gc: remove redundant for label by Iskander Sharipov · 7 days ago
  34. c03d0e4 cmd/compile/internal/gc: handle arith ops in samesafeexpr by Iskander Sharipov · 8 days ago
  35. 9850ad0 cmd/compile/internal/ssa: fix `a == a` to `a == b` by Iskander Sharipov · 7 days ago
  36. c6bf9a8 cmd/compile: optimize AMD64's bit wise operation by Ben Shi · 8 days ago
  37. 713edf8 cmd/compile/internal/gc: simplify `x = x <op> y` to `x <op>= y` by Iskander Sharipov · 7 days ago
  38. d17ac29 cmd/compile: simplify AMD64's assembly generator by Ben Shi · 7 days ago
  39. d24ec86 runtime: support windows/arm by Jordan Rhee · 7 weeks ago
  40. 37db664 builtin: document when len and cap are constant by Rob Pike · 8 days ago
  41. c6118af cmd/compile: don't do floating point optimization x+0 -> x by Keith Randall · 7 days ago
  42. 83dfc3b runtime: ignore races between close and len/cap by Keith Randall · 8 days ago
  43. 77f9b27 runtime: use MADV_FREE on Linux if available by Tobias Klauser · 11 days ago
  44. a0f5d5f cmd/link: fix DWARF refs so that they always point to the typedef entry by Alessandro Arzilli · 2 weeks ago
  45. 19ac6a8 runtime: ignore EAGAIN from exec in TestCgoExecSignalMask by Ian Lance Taylor · 7 days ago
  46. 014901c cmd/go: don't mention -mod=release by Mark Rushakoff · 4 weeks ago
  47. d45f24c cmd/compile: use bounded shift information on ppc64x by Lynn Boger · 12 days ago
  48. c381ba8 net/http: fix minor typos in Request godoc by Ivy Evans · 12 days ago
  49. 0a87205 cmd/compile/internal/gc: simplify bool expression by Iskander Sharipov · 7 days ago
  50. f082dbf cmd/compile: fix wrong comment message in AMD64Ops.go by Ben Shi · 9 days ago
  51. d97b11f go/types: don't report cycle error if clearer error follows by Robert Griesemer · 8 days ago
  52. 3653120 go/types: simplify some internal code by Robert Griesemer · 8 days ago
  53. bc529ed cmd/go: display correct options in "go help get" using modules by Eric Ponce · 4 weeks ago
  54. a19a83c cmd/compile: optimize math.Float64(32)bits and math.Float64(32)frombits on arm64 by fanzha02 · 2 months ago
  55. e57f24a cmd/trace: don't drop sweep slice details by Hana Kim · 8 days ago
  56. 8595868 go/types: fix a couple of internal comments by Robert Griesemer · 8 days ago
  57. 5eec237 syscall: enable TestSyscallNoError on all Linux 32-bit architectures by Tobias Klauser · 8 days ago
  58. 623c772 cmd/compile: fix CMPconstload rule by Keith Randall · 9 days ago
  59. 4c36bc3 cmd/go/testdata/script/mod_test: add missing test invocation for case e by Bryan C. Mills · 7 weeks ago
  60. 2db1a7f cmd/compile: avoid more float32 <-> float64 conversions in compiler by Michael Munday · 13 days ago
  61. 859cf7f cmd/compile/internal/gc: handle array slice self-assign in esc.go by Iskander Sharipov · 3 weeks ago
  62. 2d82465 cmd/compile/internal/gc: treat cap/len as safe in mayAffectMemory by Iskander Sharipov · 3 weeks ago
  63. 930ce09 image/png: minor cleanup of a few tests by Ian Davis · 2 weeks ago
  64. adcecbe doc: add a go/golang entry to the FAQ by Rob Pike · 9 days ago
  65. 83c605f internal/poll: improve Splice comments by Andrei Tudor Călin · 10 days ago
  66. fb061b5 time: return ENOENT from androidLoadTzinfoFromTzdata if zone not found by Ian Lance Taylor · 10 days ago
  67. 0670b28 runtime: fix TODO comment filepath by Koichi Shiraishi · 10 days ago
  68. 1bf5796 internal/poll: fall back on unsupported splice from unix socket by Ben Burkert · 3 weeks ago
  69. 58c6afe doc/go1.11, cmd/go: elaborate on new GOFLAGS environment variable by Dmitri Shuralyov · 13 days ago
  70. 7df585d time: improve error message for LoadLocation by Agniva De Sarker · 3 months ago
  71. 0e21cc2 runtime: use CleanCmdEnv in TestRuntimePanic by Ian Lance Taylor · 11 days ago
  72. b1f656b cmd/compile: fold address calculations into CMPload[const] ops by Keith Randall · 11 days ago
  73. a708353 cmd/go: correct gccgo buildid file on ARM by Ian Lance Taylor · 11 days ago
  74. 16687a3 cmd/compile: skip float32 constant folding test on 387 builder by Michael Munday · 12 days ago
  75. 9f59918 path/filepath: correct symlink eval for symlink at root by Ian Lance Taylor · 12 days ago
  76. 7c95703 runtime: don't build semasleep_test on Plan 9 by David du Colombier · 12 days ago
  77. 56dc179 cmd/go/internal/modfetch: stop cutting the last character of versions by Roberto Selbach · 4 weeks ago
  78. 8dbd9af cmd/compile: improve rules for PPC64.rules by Lynn Boger · 6 weeks ago
  79. 8eb36ae go/types: be more precise in API comment by Robert Griesemer · 12 days ago
  80. 8e2333b go/types: fix scope printing (debugging support) by Robert Griesemer · 12 days ago
  81. 0ef42f4 runtime: skip TestGcSys on arm64 by erifan01 · 13 days ago
  82. 7d27e87 path/filepath: rewrite walkSymlinks by Ian Lance Taylor · 3 months ago
  83. 8c610aa regexp: fix incorrect name in Match doc comment by Alan Donovan · 12 days ago
  84. 691f5c3 strings, bytes: optimize function Index by erifan01 · 10 weeks ago
  85. 77e503a cmd/vet: avoid internal error for implicitly declared type switch vars by Robert Griesemer · 12 days ago
  86. 8149db4 cmd/compile: intrinsify math.RoundToEven and math.Abs on arm64 by erifan01 · 4 months ago
  87. a2a3dd0 os: add ModeCharDevice to ModeType by Tobias Klauser · 13 days ago
  88. 1b93744 runtime: regression test for semasleep indefinite hang by Emmanuel T Odeke · 13 days ago
  89. de28555 internal/bytealg: optimize Equal on arm64 by erifan01 · 5 months ago
  90. 21f3d58 cmd/go: avoid type names in __debug__modinfo__ variable injected in package main by Bryan C. Mills · 13 days ago
  91. b07f60b runtime: use functions from mem_bsd.go on Darwin by Tobias Klauser · 13 days ago
  92. c56dcd5 cmd/dist: make raceDetectorSupported an exact copy of cmd/internal/sys.RaceDetectorSupported by Tobias Klauser · 14 days ago
  93. 178a609 runtime: convert initial timediv quotient increments to bitsets by Emmanuel T Odeke · 2 weeks ago
  94. a0fad98 internal/bytealg: implement bytes.Count in asm for ppc64x by Lynn Boger · 4 weeks ago
  95. e7f5f3e cmd/internal/obj/arm64: add error report for invalid base register by fanzha02 · 2 weeks ago
  96. d5377c2 test: fix the wrong test of math.Copysign(c, -1) for arm64 by fanzha02 · 13 days ago
  97. b2fcfc1 encoding/json: use panics for phase errors by Daniel Martí · 13 days ago
  98. dc36808 encoding/json: more tests to cover decoding edge cases by Daniel Martí · 14 days ago
  99. 023dbb1 cmd/link: don't pass all linker args when testing flag by Ian Lance Taylor · 3 weeks ago
  100. 1a1c45b cmd/go/testdata/script: fix typos in test comments by Bryan C. Mills · 7 weeks ago