1. 66ff373 cmd/vendor: update vendored x/arch repo to 8a70ba74b3a1 by Cherry Zhang · 11 hours ago master
  2. 9e1c864 doc/go1.13: document fmt's number syntax updates by Emmanuel T Odeke · 13 hours ago
  3. e684129 all: update 'go get' command in standard library README.vendor by Jay Conrod · 10 hours ago
  4. 145e193 net/http: update bundled golang.org/x/net/http2 to import security fix by Filippo Valsorda · 10 days ago
  5. 5498fa9 strconv: simplify the text for bases in ParseInt by Rob Pike · 2 days ago
  6. 65e624e syscall: document relationship among Errno, errors.Is and os.Err* by Jonathan Amsterdam · 2 days ago
  7. f3e3b71 net/http: change TimeoutHandler's docs to match its new interfaces by Jeff Hodges · 2 days ago
  8. d9b1323 strconv: update documentation by Emmanuel T Odeke · 3 days ago
  9. e764432 doc/go1.13: document _ between digits for math/big, strconv by Emmanuel T Odeke · 3 days ago
  10. eee07a8 Revert "encoding/json: avoid work when unquoting strings" by Filippo Valsorda · 3 days ago
  11. c61c29f cmd/go: accept GOSUMDB=sum.golang.google.cn by Russ Cox · 3 days ago
  12. 7238523 doc/go1.13: mention '-o <directory>' support for 'go build' by Bryan C. Mills · 3 days ago
  13. 53c088f cmd/go: fix "go help build -o" docs by Filippo Valsorda · 4 days ago
  14. d6ffc1d doc: rewrite reference to plan9.bell-labs.com to 9p.io by Wagner Riffel · 5 days ago
  15. 0dd120d encoding/json: fix format string in the Fuzz func by Dmitry Vyukov · 6 days ago
  16. c485506 time: update TestSub to avoid future regressions by Joe Tsai · 7 days ago
  17. bb5441d cmd/gofmt: update TestRewrite to avoid future regressions by Joe Tsai · 7 days ago
  18. 4983a0b Revert "time: optimize Sub" by Joe Tsai · 8 days ago
  19. 0212f04 doc: document Go 1.12.9 by Dmitri Shuralyov · 9 days ago
  20. 395fd10 doc: document Go 1.12.8 and Go 1.11.13 by Dmitri Shuralyov · 11 days ago
  21. 5f45a33 reflect: align first argument in callMethod by Cherry Zhang · 10 days ago
  22. ad4ed87 doc/go1.13: add missing periods by Toshihiro Shiino · 10 days ago
  23. 61bb56a net/url: make Hostname and Port predictable for invalid Host values by Filippo Valsorda · 2 weeks ago
  24. 4550406 src/go.mod: sync golang.org/x/net with h2_bundle.go by Filippo Valsorda · 12 days ago
  25. 8b058cf net: document that a keep-alive failure also returns a timeout by Ian Lance Taylor · 2 weeks ago
  26. 2754118 doc/asm: document go_asm.h only works in the runtime package by Pure White · 13 days ago
  27. 3928915 doc/go1.13: mention faster sync.Mutex/RWMutex/Once by Carlo Alberto Ferraris · 14 days ago
  28. 9c1f14f doc/install-source: create distinction between steps that involve "git clone" by K. "pestophagous" Heller · 3 weeks ago
  29. 951143c cmd/link: increase the function call limit in stkcheck by Ian Lance Taylor · 2 weeks ago
  30. 3626252 doc/install-source.html: add new GOOS and GOARCHes by Agniva De Sarker · 2 weeks ago
  31. 2b8b34a cmd/go: query each path only once in 'go get' by Bryan C. Mills · 2 weeks ago
  32. 1dc0110 cmd/go: improve 'go mod download' and 'go list -m' error messages by Jay Conrod · 2 weeks ago
  33. c5178ef Revert "go/ast: fix SortImports to handle block comments" by Joe Tsai · 2 weeks ago
  34. fc23e21 api/go1.13: add debug/elf.Symbol fields added in CL 184099 by Filippo Valsorda · 2 weeks ago
  35. f4be93a doc: update list of archs supporting -race by Alberto Donizetti · 2 weeks ago
  36. e9782bd path: fix mismatch between error message and corresponding test function by Derek Phan · 2 weeks ago
  37. 0ca4f6b runtime/pprof: Mention goroutine label heritability by David Finkel · 3 weeks ago
  38. e37a1b1 cmd/go: improve error message for missing import starting with cmd/ by Jay Conrod · 3 weeks ago
  39. 0ed86cd doc: mention Unicode update in release notes by Marcel van Lohuizen · 3 weeks ago
  40. 46f99ce cmd/go: look for __go_buildinfo section when looking for Mach-O version by Jay Conrod · 2 weeks ago
  41. 8e82624 net: fix the docs in IPNet.String by Bharath Thiruveedula · 3 weeks ago
  42. 546ea78 errors: improve doc by Jonathan Amsterdam · 3 weeks ago
  43. a4c8251 doc/go1.13.html: describe error-value additions by Jonathan Amsterdam · 3 weeks ago
  44. d1338ec syscall: include complete prototype of system calls by Keith Randall · 4 weeks ago
  45. 6e11d81 cmd/go: adjust expected error message in TestScript/mod_invalid_version by Bryan C. Mills · 3 weeks ago
  46. 6c74db4 cmd/go: look for .go.buildinfo section when looking for ELF version by Mark Glines · 3 weeks ago
  47. 09c9d3a net/http: fix typo in Response.Body's doc by Shivani Singhal · 3 weeks ago
  48. a2f5d64 doc/go1.13: add release notes for GOWASM environment variable by Agniva De Sarker · 3 weeks ago
  49. fc82166 os: change Readdirnames doc to follow that of Readdir by Ian Lance Taylor · 4 weeks ago
  50. d178c58 os: don't consult Is methods on non-syscall error types by Damien Neil · 3 weeks ago
  51. 55e23cb doc/go1.13: mention confusion between keep-alive timeout and deadline by Ian Lance Taylor · 3 weeks ago
  52. 07b3e62 cmd/go: report loading errors from 'go mod tidy' and 'go mod vendor' by Bryan C. Mills · 3 weeks ago
  53. 316ac4f cmd/compile: fix crash on write barrier insertion by Keith Randall · 3 weeks ago
  54. bdea352 doc/go1.13: document net/http.Transport.Request.Body unfurling by Emmanuel T Odeke · 3 weeks ago
  55. 0e54d28 all: remove os.ErrTimeout by Damien Neil · 3 weeks ago
  56. 2d1a1e0 doc: fix Block interface parameters order by Alberto Donizetti · 3 weeks ago
  57. 2d6ee6e os: enable the close-on-exec flag for openFdAt by Baokun Lee · 3 weeks ago
  58. e7c51ca net/http: fix a typo in spelling of MultiPartForm by Darren McCleary · 3 weeks ago
  59. d6f6a46 doc/go1.13: add more release notes for net/http by Emmanuel T Odeke · 3 weeks ago
  60. ea8b0ac all: remove os.ErrTemporary by Damien Neil · 3 weeks ago
  61. 8a317eb cmd/compile: don't eliminate all registers when restricting to desired ones by Keith Randall · 3 weeks ago
  62. 407010e cmd/go: only pass -fsplit-stack to gccgo if supported by Ian Lance Taylor · 4 weeks ago
  63. e81b731 encoding/json: clarify Marshal behavior for string keys of maps by Eli Bendersky · 3 weeks ago
  64. fe8a866 doc/go1.12: document change in syscall.Setrlimit behavior by Andrew Bonventre · 3 weeks ago
  65. 8dddf75 net/http: return nil from Header.Clone if the receiver is nil by Andrew Bonventre · 3 weeks ago
  66. 39d4178 spec: add an example of a trivially invalid interface by Robert Griesemer · 3 weeks ago
  67. 1ad64fa net/http: improve Request.Form and Request.PostForm documentation by David Ndungu · 4 weeks ago
  68. 5f8d816 cmd/go/internal/cache: verify that timestamp is positive by Bryan C. Mills · 3 weeks ago
  69. 2fc7574 cmd/go/internal/cache: avoid ioutil.WriteFile for writing cache entries by Bryan C. Mills · 4 weeks ago
  70. 8c3040d runtime: call sysHugePage less often by Michael Knyszek · 5 weeks ago
  71. a41ebe6 runtime: add physHugePageShift by Michael Anthony Knyszek · 5 weeks ago
  72. fbb819e strings: clarify usage of Title and ToTitle by Andrew Todd · 4 weeks ago
  73. 01d1372 runtime: use uintptr instead of int32 for counting to next heap profile sample by Keith Randall · 4 weeks ago
  74. 7b8234b go1.13.html: release note for %w by Jonathan Amsterdam · 4 weeks ago
  75. 5235501 crypto/x509: add Ed25519 to ExampleParsePKIXPublicKey by Filippo Valsorda · 9 weeks ago
  76. c4ca603 all: change some function documentation to be more idiomatic by Dominik Honnef · 4 weeks ago
  77. a25c287 doc: use <code> for a few file paths that didn't by Daniel Martí · 4 weeks ago
  78. 80f9d32 doc: mention that GOPATH/bin should be in PATH by Giovanni Bajo · 4 weeks ago
  79. 9195948 os: document File's concurrent operation resource limits by Emmanuel T Odeke · 2 months ago
  80. 68e2899 cmd/go: keep "go help" in unknown topic suggestion by Jordi Martin · 4 weeks ago
  81. e8c7e63 test: new testcase for gccgo compiler failure by Than McIntosh · 5 weeks ago
  82. 707f3e8 cmd/go: mention GODEBUG in "go help environment" by Ian Lance Taylor · 5 weeks ago
  83. b9df8df doc/go1.13: mention the effect of testing.Init on package initialization by Bryan C. Mills · 5 weeks ago
  84. 5e21032 Revert "cmd/go: move automatic testing.Init call into generated test code" by Bryan C. Mills · 5 weeks ago
  85. f518a96 cmd/go: document go get @upgrade behavior in release notes by Jay Conrod · 5 weeks ago
  86. 5b15510 runtime: align allocations harder in GODEBUG=sbrk=1 mode by Austin Clements · 5 weeks ago
  87. ba31496 time: clarify when draining a Timer's channel is needed by Allen Li · 6 weeks ago
  88. 52fdd62 cmd/go/internal/mvs: in Req, omit versions implied by older-than-selected versions already in the graph by Bryan C. Mills · 5 weeks ago
  89. a005f99 cmd/go/internal/mvs: retain modules required by older versions by Bryan C. Mills · 5 weeks ago
  90. 4a2d3d0 cmd/go: in module mode, populate PackagePublic.Root with the module root by Bryan C. Mills · 9 months ago
  91. 5ba15db cmd/go: suppress errors with '@upgrade' when the latest version is replaced by Bryan C. Mills · 5 weeks ago
  92. 34778e5 test: new testcase for gccgo bug by Than McIntosh · 5 weeks ago
  93. 196e67f test: new testcase for gccgo bug by Than McIntosh · 5 weeks ago
  94. 4814e7d cmd/go: include GOEXPERIMENT flags in tool id for cache key by Jay Conrod · 6 weeks ago
  95. f93234a net/http/httputil: fix regression in ReverseProxy.ServeHTTP by Joe Tsai · 5 weeks ago
  96. 5bc46cb doc/go1.13: remove 1.12 reference from 1.13 release notes by Alberto Donizetti · 6 weeks ago
  97. b5df14c CONTRIBUTORS: first round of updates for Go 1.13 by Dmitri Shuralyov · 5 weeks ago
  98. 0cadf40 cmd/go: tweak wording of module path mismatch error message by Jay Conrod · 6 weeks ago
  99. 2bcbe6a runtime: add a test for getg with thread switch by Cherry Zhang · 6 weeks ago
  100. 6bf2767 cmd/go: tighten the check for pseudo-version base tags by Bryan C. Mills · 7 weeks ago