1. daaab44 go/ast: fix a few incorrect "an" articles by Daniel Martí · 12 hours ago master
  2. da4d585 doc: add missing p in install from source page by Alberto Donizetti · 2 days ago
  3. bff4ebb net/http: unflake TestTimeoutHandlerSuperfluousLogs by Emmanuel T Odeke · 2 weeks ago
  4. 33d2076 crypto/tls: fix a typo in TLS handshake comment by Alex Harford · 2 days ago
  5. ea89ce1 cmd/go/internal/modcmd: loosen path validation in "go mod edit" by Bryan C. Mills · 2 days ago
  6. 94ddb2d cmd/go/internal/modload: revert duplicate path suppression in modload.ImportMissingError by Bryan C. Mills · 3 days ago
  7. 76d2f6c cmd/go: include cfg.BuildModReason in 'import lookup disabled' errors by Bryan C. Mills · 3 days ago
  8. df0ac45 cmd/link: skip gaps between PT_LOAD segments in TestPIESize by Cherry Zhang · 2 days ago
  9. 1de3131 cmd/go: avoid generating "malformed module path" errors for standard-library paths by Bryan C. Mills · 3 days ago
  10. bf86582 strings: fix nonexistent path in comment by po3rin · 3 days ago
  11. b2a5893 cmd/go: reduce redundancy in direct mode lookup error messages by Jay Conrod · 3 days ago
  12. a6c8fac os: skip a new failing test on Windows by Brad Fitzpatrick · 3 days ago
  13. 69614c0 runtime: give useful failure message on mlock failure by Austin Clements · 4 days ago
  14. 0915a19 sync: deflake TestWaitGroupMisuse3 by Ian Lance Taylor · 3 days ago
  15. 6ef7794 all: fix most of the remaining windows -d=checkptr violations by Alex Brainman · 4 weeks ago
  16. b81e01d go/types: print package path in error messages if package name is not unique by Robert Griesemer · 7 days ago
  17. 5fd7581 cmd/go: fix check for -Wp,-U in cgo CFLAGS by Tobias Klauser · 3 days ago
  18. d2dec04 runtime: add Gosched to TestSelectStackAdjust loop by Ian Lance Taylor · 3 days ago
  19. a037582 cmd/compile: mark empty block preemptible by Cherry Zhang · 6 days ago
  20. 7673884 cmd/compile: don't fuse branches with side effects by Cherry Zhang · 3 days ago
  21. eeb319a doc/go1.14: document freebsd/arm64 port by Tobias Klauser · 3 days ago
  22. e751af1 cmd/go: print newline after GOOS/GOARCH error by Rhys Hiltner · 4 days ago
  23. 993ec7f cmd/go: include imports in 'go list -e' output even after parse errors by Jay Conrod · 4 days ago
  24. e3c7ffc os: reset dirinfo when seeking on Darwin by Keith Randall · 4 days ago
  25. d72dce8 cmd/go: test that 'go list -e -mod=readonly' reports errors correctly by Jay Conrod · 12 days ago
  26. a253b38 doc: add CherryPickApproved filter to Release History links by Dmitri Shuralyov · 4 days ago
  27. 50535e6 cmd/go: delete TestGetFileURL temporary file by Meng Zhuo · 4 days ago
  28. af08822 src/go.mod: sync golang.org/x/net with h2_bundle.go by Filippo Valsorda · 4 days ago
  29. cdf3db5 runtime: remove comment about gcCopySpans() by Johan Jansson · 5 days ago
  30. 7bdef2d testing: fix testing docs by taisa · 5 days ago
  31. 9a8b497 cmd/link: when changing to Segrelrodata, reset datsize by Ian Lance Taylor · 13 days ago
  32. 8174f7f runtime: mlock top of signal stack on Linux 5.2–5.4.1 by Austin Clements · 6 days ago
  33. fa3a121 runtime: add a simple version number parser by Austin Clements · 6 days ago
  34. 709dbd2 cmd/go: fix list_constraints test on non-amd64 platforms by Jay Conrod · 4 days ago
  35. ae2e244 go/build: don't include imports from cgo files when CGO_ENABLED=0 by Jay Conrod · 6 days ago
  36. 7d1d944 math/rand: update comment to avoid use of ^ for exponentiation by Brad Fitzpatrick · 5 days ago
  37. 98e7270 doc: fix typo in Go 1.12.14 document by Carlos Amedee · 5 days ago
  38. ebfe057 doc: document Go 1.13.5 by Carlos Amedee · 5 days ago
  39. f805b05 doc: document Go 1.12.14 by Carlos Amedee · 5 days ago
  40. aab0280 cmd/objdump: reference tracking bug in TestDisasmCode skip message by Tobias Klauser · 5 days ago
  41. acf3ff2 runtime: convert page allocator bitmap to sparse array by Michael Anthony Knyszek · 3 weeks ago
  42. 2ac1ca9 cmd/vet: honor analyzer flags when running vet outside $GOROOT/src by Xiangdong Ji · 2 weeks ago
  43. 386b1a4 runtime: treat call from runtime as transient in TestDebugCall by Ian Lance Taylor · 3 weeks ago
  44. 94f4686 runtime: use current P's race context in timer code by Ian Lance Taylor · 7 days ago
  45. a18608a os/exec: document that cmd.Start() sets the Process field by Günther Noack · 7 days ago
  46. e4c01f0 cmd/link: additional fixes for -newobj and "ld -r" ELF host objects by Than McIntosh · 14 days ago
  47. bf3ee57 cmd/compile: declare with type for fmtMode constant by Tao Qingyun · 7 days ago
  48. 3edd1d8 time: fix comment in test by Xudong Zhang · 7 days ago
  49. 8054b13 runtime: on plan9 don't return substitute address for sysReserve by Richard Miller · 3 weeks ago
  50. 8a5af79 runtime: ready scavenger without next by Michael Anthony Knyszek · 2 weeks ago
  51. 9174e2c cmd/go/internal/modget: synchronize writes to modOnly map in runGet by Carlos Amedee · 12 days ago
  52. f1c8e2c cmd/go: enable -x in go mod download by Hana (Hyang-Ah) Kim · 2 weeks ago
  53. b11d02e doc: add section on resolving packages to module reference doc by Jay Conrod · 14 days ago
  54. 4e3d580 runtime: reset scavenge address in scavengeAll by Michael Anthony Knyszek · 12 days ago
  55. 22688f7 net/http: update bundled x/net/http2 by Brad Fitzpatrick · 12 days ago
  56. 95c9a65 doc: clarify interaction of ioutil.WriteFile with umask by Mostyn Bramley-Moore · 12 days ago
  57. 0f25102 runtime: print more information on stack overflow by Cherry Zhang · 3 weeks ago
  58. b2482e4 cmd/internal/obj: mark split-stack prologue nonpreemptible by Cherry Zhang · 3 weeks ago
  59. c3f1492 cmd/internal/obj, runtime: use register map to mark unsafe points by Cherry Zhang · 3 weeks ago
  60. 4a378d7 doc: add section on GOPROXY protocol to module reference doc by Jay Conrod · 14 days ago
  61. 27e50a1 cmd: update golang.org/x/mod and vendor by Jay Conrod · 13 days ago
  62. 67f0f83 runtime: disable async preemption on darwin/arm(64) if no cgo by Cherry Zhang · 13 days ago
  63. 20bf6a4 lib/time: update tz data to 2019c by Kyle Shannon · 13 days ago
  64. 87805c9 os: fix broken comment's link by skanehira · 13 days ago
  65. 5de3b97 cmd/link: fix TestStrictDup in module mode by Fazlul Shahriar · 2 weeks ago
  66. 7adafc9 cmd/go: prefix calls to Windows rmdir with cmd.exe by Jason A. Donenfeld · 14 days ago
  67. 6d5f8b1 misc/cgo/testshared: do not write to GOROOT by Bryan C. Mills · 2 weeks ago
  68. e16f64c misc: log 'ok' from 'go run' tests on success by Bryan C. Mills · 2 weeks ago
  69. 476395c misc: remove use of relative directories in overlayDir functions by Bryan C. Mills · 2 weeks ago
  70. 01f15b6 cmd/internal/obj/arm64: add NOOP description in Go assembly syntax by diaxu01 · 6 weeks ago
  71. 9940c77 runtime: add go:nosplit to cgo_mmap.go:mmap() and sys_darwin.go:mmap() by Dan Scales · 3 weeks ago
  72. b81dd1c cmd/link: disable new testpoint on mips pending investigation by Than McIntosh · 2 weeks ago
  73. 6f7b96f syscall: follow convention for generated code comments in linux/riscv64 files by Tobias Klauser · 3 weeks ago
  74. c2e2296 syscall/js: handle interleaved functions correctly by Richard Musiol · 5 weeks ago
  75. 688aa74 cmd/link: add new linker testpoint for "ld -r" host object by Than McIntosh · 2 weeks ago
  76. f29e53d cmd/link: fix bug with -newobj and "ld -r" ELF host objects by Than McIntosh · 2 weeks ago
  77. 6ba1bf3 net/http: rename tests for Redirect and StripPrefix by Dmitri Shuralyov · 3 weeks ago
  78. 980f0c0 net/http: make Transport.IdleConnTimeout consider wall (not monotonic) time by Brad Fitzpatrick · 5 weeks ago
  79. 9f3c2b6 cmd/go/internal/work: reduce code duplication in buildModeInit by using sys.BuildModeSupported by Bryan C. Mills · 2 weeks ago
  80. 8324aca cmd/go: fix and re-enable build_trimpath test by Jay Conrod · 2 weeks ago
  81. 941ac9c cmd/go: do not panic when computing Shlib for a package with no Target by Bryan C. Mills · 2 weeks ago
  82. 28314cf cmd/go: add a 'buildmode' condition for script tests by Bryan C. Mills · 2 weeks ago
  83. c931f1b misc/cgo/testshared: make -v output less verbose by Bryan C. Mills · 3 weeks ago
  84. 05511a5 runtime: release worldsema before Gosched in STW GC mode by Michael Anthony Knyszek · 2 weeks ago
  85. 1c5bd34 runtime: increase TestPhysicalMemoryUtilization threshold by Michael Anthony Knyszek · 2 weeks ago
  86. 300f5d5 cmd/go: add 'go generate' commands to modfile_flag test by Jay Conrod · 2 weeks ago
  87. 3922c00 misc/cgo/testcshared: avoid writing to GOROOT in tests by Bryan C. Mills · 3 weeks ago
  88. c02f3b8 misc/cgo/testcarchive: avoid writing to GOROOT in tests by Bryan C. Mills · 3 weeks ago
  89. ea18a1c runtime/pprof: avoid crash due to truncated stack traces by Hana Kim · 3 weeks ago
  90. 95be9b7 reflect: remove obsolete comment about gobitVector by two · 3 weeks ago
  91. 0e02cfb cmd/compile: try harder to not use an empty src.XPos for a bogus line by David Chase · 3 weeks ago
  92. bbbc658 net/http: fix Server.ConnContext modifying context for all new connections by Roman Kollár · 2 weeks ago
  93. 94e9a5e text/template: harden JSEscape to also escape ampersand and equal by Roberto Clapis · 3 weeks ago
  94. f4a8bf1 crypto/tls: remove leftover extensionNextProtoNeg constant by Filippo Valsorda · 3 weeks ago
  95. 2434869 cmd/go: report an error for 'go list -m ...' outside a module by Jay Conrod · 3 weeks ago
  96. 37715cc runtime: relax TestAsyncPreempt by Cherry Zhang · 3 weeks ago
  97. c7e73ef net/url: update net/url split comment by jinmiaoluo · 3 weeks ago
  98. 8bbfc51 all: base64-encode binaries that will cause Apple notarization to fail by Andrew · 3 weeks ago
  99. 39a9cb4 misc/cgo/testplugin: avoid writing to GOROOT by Bryan C. Mills · 3 weeks ago
  100. be04718 misc/cgo/fortran: avoid writing to $PWD by Bryan C. Mills · 3 weeks ago