1. b7a85e0 net/http/httputil: close incoming ReverseProxy request body by Damien Neil · 3 weeks ago master
  2. 70fd4e4 runtime: avoid possible preemption when returning from Go to C by Ian Lance Taylor · 34 hours ago
  3. 9eee0ed cmd/go: fix go.mod file name printed in error messages for replacements by Jay Conrod · 2 days ago
  4. b39e0f4 runtime: don't crash on nil pointers in checkptrAlignment by Matthew Dempsky · 3 days ago
  5. 7cd10c1 cmd/go: use .mod instead of .zip to determine if version has go.mod file by Jay Conrod · 3 days ago
  6. c8cf0f7 cmd/go: add missing flag in UsageLine by 180909 · 3 days ago
  7. 7ba8e79 testing: clarify T.Name returns a distinct name of the running test by Changkun Ou · 4 days ago
  8. 33ff155 go/types: preserve untyped constants on the RHS of a shift expression by Rob Findley · 4 days ago
  9. 840e583 runtime: correct variable name in comment by Koichi Shiraishi · 6 days ago
  10. bfbb288 runtime: remove adjustTimers counter by Ian Lance Taylor · 5 days ago
  11. 9c81fd5 cmd/vet: add missing copyright header by 180909 · 5 days ago
  12. ecaa681 doc: clarify non-nil zero length slice to array pointer conversion by Cuong Manh Le · 6 days ago
  13. 1868f82 crypto/x509: update iOS bundled roots to version 55188. by Dmitri Shuralyov · 5 days ago
  14. 849b791 spec: use consistent capitalization for rune literal hex constants by Ian Lance Taylor · 6 days ago
  15. 0914646 doc/1.17: fix two dead rfc links by Alberto Donizetti · 7 days ago
  16. 052da57 cmd/compile: do not change field offset in ABI analysis by Cherry Mui · 8 days ago
  17. 798ec73 runtime: don't clear timerModifiedEarliest if adjustTimers is 0 by Ian Lance Taylor · 8 days ago
  18. fdb45ac runtime: move mem profile sampling into m-acquired section by David Chase · 9 days ago
  19. 3e48c03 reflect: add missing copyright header by wdvxdr · 9 days ago
  20. 48c88f1 reflect: add Value.CanConvert by Ian Lance Taylor · 2 weeks ago
  21. 9e26569 cmd/go: don't add C compiler ID to hash for standard library by Ian Lance Taylor · 12 days ago
  22. d568e6e runtime/debug: skip TestPanicOnFault on netbsd/arm by Benny Siegert · 10 days ago
  23. c8f4e61 spec: correct example comment in Conversions from slice to array by Piers · 11 days ago
  24. 1d91551 time: correct typo in documentation for UnixMicro by helloPiers · 11 days ago
  25. 404127c cmd/compile: fix off-by-one error in traceback argument counting by Cherry Mui · 2 weeks ago
  26. 6298cfe cmd/compile: fix typo in fatal message of builtinCall by Leonard Wang · 3 weeks ago
  27. 49402be cmd/{compile,link}: fix bug in map.zero handling by Than McIntosh · 2 weeks ago
  28. a66190e test/bench/go1: fix size for RegexpMatchMedium_32 by nimelehin · 14 days ago
  29. 650fc21 text/scanner: use Go convention in Position doc comment by mehradsadeghi · 14 days ago
  30. aa4e0f5 net/http: correct capitalization in cancelTimeBody comment by shota3506 · 2 weeks ago
  31. 0941dbc testing: clarify in docs that TestMain is advanced by Matt T. Proud · 2 weeks ago
  32. 69728ea cmd/go: update error messages in tests to match CL 332573 by Bryan C. Mills · 2 weeks ago
  33. c1cc9f9 cmd/compile: fix lookup package of redeclared dot import symbol by Cuong Manh Le · 2 weeks ago
  34. 21a04e3 doc/go1.17: mention GOARCH=loong64 by Ian Lance Taylor · 2 weeks ago
  35. 2b00a54 go/build, runtime/internal/sys: reserve GOARCH=loong64 by WANG Xuerui · 3 weeks ago
  36. 60ddf42 cmd/go: change link in error message from /wiki to /doc. by Bryan C. Mills · 4 weeks ago
  37. d8f348a cmd/go: remove a duplicated word from 'go help mod graph' by Bryan C. Mills · 2 weeks ago
  38. a985897 crypto/tls: test key type when casting by Roland Shoemaker · 7 weeks ago
  39. cfbd73b doc/go1.17: editing pass over the "Compiler" section by Austin Clements · 3 weeks ago
  40. ab4085c runtime/pprof: call runtime.GC twice in memory profile test by Michael Anthony Knyszek · 3 weeks ago
  41. 296ddf2 net: filter bad names from Lookup functions instead of hard failing by Roland Shoemaker · 4 weeks ago
  42. ce76298 Update oudated comment by makdon · 2 months ago
  43. 2ca44fe doc/go1.17: linkify time.UnixMilli and time.UnixMicro by Tobias Klauser · 4 weeks ago
  44. 5c59e11 cmd/compile: remove special-casing of blank in types.sconv{,2} by Matthew Dempsky · 3 weeks ago
  45. b003a8b cmd/compile: optimize types.sconv by Matthew Dempsky · 3 weeks ago
  46. 11f5df2 cmd/compile: extract pkgqual from symfmt by Matthew Dempsky · 3 weeks ago
  47. 991fd38 cmd/go: don't lock .mod and .sum files for read in overlay by Jay Conrod · 3 weeks ago
  48. 186a3bb cmd/go/internal/modfetch/codehost: skip hg tests if no hg binary is present by Bryan C. Mills · 5 weeks ago
  49. 00c0055 cmd/go/internal/modload: remove unused functions by Bryan C. Mills · 4 weeks ago
  50. f264879 cmd/go/internal/modload: fix an apparent typo in the AutoRoot comment by Bryan C. Mills · 4 weeks ago
  51. c96833e doc: remove stale comment about arm64 port by Michael Anthony Knyszek · 3 weeks ago
  52. 912f075 net/http: mention socks5 support in proxy by Sean Liao · 7 weeks ago
  53. 287c5e8 cmd/compile: fix stack growing algorithm by go101 · 4 weeks ago
  54. 743f03e spec, unsafe: clarify unsafe.Slice docs by Ian Lance Taylor · 4 weeks ago
  55. 6125d0c cmd/dist: correct comment: SysProcAttri -> SysProcAttr by komisan19 · 4 weeks ago
  56. 03761ed net: don't reject null mx records by Roland Shoemaker · 4 weeks ago
  57. 877688c testing: add TB.Setenv by Russ Cox · 7 weeks ago
  58. ef8ae82 cmd/compile: fix bug in dwarf-gen var location generation by Than McIntosh · 4 weeks ago
  59. 770899f cmd/go: add a regression test for 'go mod vendor' path traversal by Bryan C. Mills · 4 weeks ago
  60. 835d86a cmd/go: use path.Dir instead of filepath.Dir for package paths in 'go mod vendor' by Yasuhiro Matsumoto · 5 weeks ago
  61. eb437ba cmd/compile: make stack value size threshold comparisons consistent by go101 · 4 weeks ago
  62. 9d65578 cmd/compile: fix typos in document by fanzha02 · 4 weeks ago
  63. 4711bf3 doc/go1.17: linkify "language changes" in the runtime section by Bryan C. Mills · 4 weeks ago
  64. ed56ea7 path/filepath: deflake TestEvalSymlinksAboveRoot on darwin by Josh Bleecher Snyder · 4 weeks ago
  65. c080d03 cmd/dist: pass -Wno-unknown-warning-option in swig_callback_lto by Ian Lance Taylor · 4 weeks ago
  66. 7d0e9e6 image/gif: fix typo in the comment (io.ReadByte -> io.ByteReader) by uji · 4 weeks ago
  67. 0fa3265 os: change example to avoid deprecated function by Eli Bendersky · 4 weeks ago
  68. d19a533 image: add Uniform.RGBA64At and Rectangle.RGBA64At by Nigel Tao · 4 weeks ago
  69. c45e800 crypto/x509: don't fail on optional auth key id fields by Roland Shoemaker · 4 weeks ago
  70. f9d5095 net: fix failure of TestCVE202133195 by Xiangdong Ji · 5 weeks ago
  71. e294b8a doc/go1.17: fix typo "MacOS" -> "macOS" by Levi(リーバイ) · 4 weeks ago
  72. 3463852 math/big: fix typo of comment (`BytesScanner` to `ByteScanner`) by tkawakita · 4 weeks ago
  73. fd4b587 cmd/compile: suppress details error for invalid variadic argument type by Cuong Manh Le · 4 weeks ago
  74. e2e05af cmd/internal/obj/arm64: fix an encoding error of CMPW instruction by eric fang · 6 weeks ago
  75. 4bb0847 cmd/compile,runtime: change unsafe.Slice((*T)(nil), 0) to return []T(nil) by Matthew Dempsky · 5 weeks ago
  76. 1519271 spec: change unsafe.Slice((*T)(nil), 0) to return []T(nil) by Matthew Dempsky · 5 weeks ago
  77. 5385e23 runtime/internal/atomic: drop Cas64 pointer indirection in comments by Mia Zhu · 5 weeks ago
  78. 956c81b cmd/go: add GOEXPERIMENT to `go env` output by Matthew Dempsky · 6 weeks ago
  79. a1d2726 cmd/go: prep for 'go env' refactoring by Matthew Dempsky · 6 weeks ago
  80. 901510e cmd/link/internal/ld: skip the windows ASLR test when CGO_ENABLED=0 by hao · 9 weeks ago
  81. 361159c cmd/cgo: fix 'see gmp.go' to 'see doc.go' by Koichi Shiraishi · 5 weeks ago
  82. c95464f internal/buildcfg: refactor GOEXPERIMENT parsing code somewhat by Matthew Dempsky · 5 weeks ago
  83. ed01cea runtime/race: use race build tag on syso_test.go by Cherry Mui · 5 weeks ago
  84. d1916e5 go/types: in TestCheck/issues.src, import regexp/syntax instead of cmd/compile/internal/syntax by Bryan C. Mills · 5 weeks ago
  85. 5160896 go/types: in TestStdlib, import from source instead of export data by Bryan C. Mills · 5 weeks ago
  86. d01bc57 runtime: make ncgocall a global counter by Tao Qingyun · 6 weeks ago
  87. 37f9a8f go/types: fix a bug in package qualification logic by Rob Findley · 5 weeks ago
  88. c309c89 reflect: document that InterfaceData is a low-entropy RNG by Matthew Dempsky · 5 weeks ago
  89. cce6214 cmd/compile: fix wrong type in SSA generation for OSLICE2ARRPTR by Cuong Manh Le · 5 weeks ago
  90. 600a2a4 cmd/go: don't try to add replaced versions that won't be selected by Bryan C. Mills · 5 weeks ago
  91. a9bb382 net: remove hard-coded timeout in dialClosedPort test helper by Bryan C. Mills · 5 weeks ago
  92. 86d72fa time: handle invalid UTF-8 byte sequences in quote to prevent panic by Andy Pan · 5 weeks ago
  93. 44a12e5 cmd/go: search breadth-first instead of depth-first for test dependency cycles by Bryan C. Mills · 5 weeks ago
  94. 73496e0 net: use absDomainName in the Windows lookupPTR test helper by Bryan C. Mills · 5 weeks ago
  95. 222ed1b os: enable TestFifoEOF on openbsd by siddharth · 6 weeks ago
  96. 0ebd5a8 cmd/go: update ToolTags based on GOARCH value by Ian Lance Taylor · 6 weeks ago
  97. 5bd09e5 spec: unsafe.Add/Slice are not permitted in statement context by Robert Griesemer · 5 weeks ago
  98. 666315b runtime/internal/atomic: remove incorrect pointer indirection in comment by Xing Gao · 6 weeks ago
  99. 63daa77 go/types: guard against checking instantiation when generics is disabled by Rob Findley · 6 weeks ago
  100. 197a5ee cmd/gofmt: remove stale documentation for the -G flag by Rob Findley · 6 weeks ago