1. 06f7e65 cmd/compile: refactoring mixing untyped type logic by Cuong Manh Le · 5 hours ago master
  2. df73945 cmd/compile: make error message involving variadic calls clearer by Cuong Manh Le · 35 hours ago
  3. 4ffc2bc cmd/compile: rename retsigerr to sigerr by Cuong Manh Le · 35 hours ago
  4. ddd35f8 cmd/compile: more comprehensive tests for #24991 by Matthew Dempsky · 7 hours ago
  5. 234e23d cmd/compile: make expanded/hidden columns in GOSSAFUNC persist across by root · 5 weeks ago
  6. 0b1cec7 cmd/compile: rotate phase's title 180 degrees in ssa/html.go by root · 3 weeks ago
  7. dc59469 cmd/compile: move validation from unary/binaryOp to typecheck by Cuong Manh Le · 20 hours ago
  8. 0dc369b cmd/compile: make typecheck set correct untyped type by Cuong Manh Le · 2 days ago
  9. 1ee30d2 runtime: correctly log stderr in TestFakeTime by Cherry Zhang · 15 hours ago
  10. 9e9c030 debug/elf: add many PT_ and DT_ constants by Ian Lance Taylor · 2 days ago
  11. 982ac06 cmd/compile,cmd/asm: dump sym ABI versions for -S=2 by Than McIntosh · 16 hours ago
  12. 75fab04 cmd/asm: make asm -S flag consistent with compile -S flag by Than McIntosh · 16 hours ago
  13. 7a095c3 cmd/go/internal/modload: avoid a network fetch when querying a valid semantic version by Bryan C. Mills · 3 days ago
  14. 9a702fd cmd/go: flip relationship between load and modload by Jay Conrod · 16 hours ago
  15. e6426df net: use IFF_* consts from package syscall on solaris by Tobias Klauser · 22 hours ago
  16. 2205379 cmd/compile: propagate go:notinheap implicitly by Keith Randall · 19 hours ago
  17. 6796a7f cmd/addr2line: don't assume that GOROOT_FINAL is clean by Bryan C. Mills · 23 hours ago
  18. 35e413c cmd/compile: add new ops for experiment with late call expansion by David Chase · 3 months ago
  19. f554eb7 cmd/compile: add variable length TRESULTS type for SSA use. by David Chase · 10 weeks ago
  20. 07d5eb0 cmd/go: allow output in non-existent directory by Sam Xie · 33 hours ago
  21. 0f7ac9b cmd/go: use the correct linker config in the buildID hash by Alex Opie · 31 hours ago
  22. 5abba0c cmd/go: prepare tests for GO111MODULE=on by default by Jay Conrod · 3 days ago
  23. 967465d cmd/compile: use combined shifts to improve array addressing on ppc64x by Lynn Boger · 3 weeks ago
  24. 0dde60a cmd/internal/obj/riscv: clean up lowerJALR by Joel Sing · 4 weeks ago
  25. 7f24142 syscall, cmd/go/internal/lockedfile/internal/filelock: add and use Flock on illumos by Tobias Klauser · 2 days ago
  26. f5d59d0 cmd/compile: skip looking for OCLOSURE nodes in xtop by Matthew Dempsky · 2 days ago
  27. 396688a cmd/compile: make translation to calls for SSA look more "value-oriented" by David Chase · 3 months ago
  28. 39da81d cmd/compile: populate AuxCall fields for OpClosureCall by David Chase · 3 months ago
  29. acde81e cmd/compile: initialize ACArgs and ACResults AuxCall fields for static and interface calls. by David Chase · 3 months ago
  30. 3c85e99 cmd/compile: extend ssa.AuxCall to closure and interface calls by David Chase · 3 months ago
  31. b4ef49e cmd/compile: introduce special ssa Aux type for calls by David Chase · 3 months ago
  32. 7ee35cb cmd/compile: be more specific in cannot assign errors by Alberto Donizetti · 2 days ago
  33. 10dfb1d runtime: actually fix locking in BenchmarkMSpanCountAlloc by Michael Anthony Knyszek · 2 days ago
  34. 37f2610 cmd/compile: make go:notinheap error message friendlier for cgo by Keith Randall · 3 weeks ago
  35. 42b023d cmd/cgo: use go:notinheap for anonymous structs by Keith Randall · 3 weeks ago
  36. 4f91591 cmd/compile: allow aliases to go:notinheap types by Keith Randall · 3 weeks ago
  37. 1632851 flag: add Func by Carl Johnson · 3 weeks ago
  38. 2ae2a94 runtime: fix leak and locking in BenchmarkMSpanCountAlloc by Michael Anthony Knyszek · 2 days ago
  39. 37aa653 cmd/link: make it easier to debug an elfrelocsect size mismatch by Joel Sing · 8 weeks ago
  40. a86b6f2 cmd/internal/obj/arm64: optimize the instruction of moving long effective stack address by diaxu01 · 6 months ago
  41. e82c9bd os, internal/syscall/unix: use pipe2 instead of pipe on illumos by Tobias Klauser · 3 days ago
  42. 790fa1c cmd/compile: unify reflect, string and slice copy runtime functions by Martin Möhrmann · 4 days ago
  43. eaa97fb cmd/cgo: don't translate bitfields into Go fields by Ian Lance Taylor · 2 weeks ago
  44. b6dbaef os/signal: add NotifyContext to cancel context using system signals by Henrique Vicente · 7 months ago
  45. 8248b57 cmd/go/internal/modget: factor out functions for argument resolution by Bryan C. Mills · 4 days ago
  46. dbde566 cmd/go: default to -mod=readonly in most commands by Jay Conrod · 9 days ago
  47. 3ab825d cmd/go/internal/modget: warn about unmatched packages exactly once by Bryan C. Mills · 8 days ago
  48. de0957d cmd/go: relax version's error on unexpected flags by Daniel Martí · 8 days ago
  49. f1c400a cmd/go: fix broken mod_outside test by Jay Conrod · 3 days ago
  50. 03875bd cmd/go: add modload.NeedRoot mode for commands that need module root by Jay Conrod · 7 days ago
  51. e306363 cmd/go: implement 'go install pkg@version' by Jay Conrod · 2 weeks ago
  52. ea33523 cmd/compile: rewrite some ARM64 rules to use typed aux by Xiangdong Ji · 10 days ago
  53. 3b64e6b internal/poll, internal/syscall/unix, net: enable writev on illumos by Tobias Klauser · 4 days ago
  54. bae9cf6 test: fix inline.go to pass linux-amd64-noopt by Matthew Dempsky · 3 days ago
  55. d20298e cmd/compile: make funccompile non-reentrant by Cuong Manh Le · 4 days ago
  56. f4936d0 cmd/compile: call fninit earlier by Matthew Dempsky · 4 days ago
  57. 2374105 cmd/compile: better dclcontext handling in func{hdr,body} by Matthew Dempsky · 4 days ago
  58. 506eb0a Revert "encoding/json: implement Is on SyntaxError" by Damien Neil · 4 days ago
  59. 114719e Revert "encoding/json: implement Is on all errors" by Damien Neil · 4 days ago
  60. a408139 testing: fix panicking tests hang if Cleanup calls FailNow by Changkun Ou · 4 days ago
  61. 5764653 cmd/api: omit outside dependencies when listing the packages in "std" by Bryan C. Mills · 4 days ago
  62. 14c7caa runtime: add 24 byte allocation size class by Martin Möhrmann · 10 weeks ago
  63. c0c396b misc/ios: quote paths by Cherry Zhang · 6 days ago
  64. 86dbeef syscall: fix fsync for read-only files on aix by Clément Chigot · 4 days ago
  65. 4f5cd0c net/http/cgi,net/http/fcgi: add Content-Type detection by Roberto Clapis · 3 weeks ago
  66. 66e66e7 make.bat: fix compare between GOROOT and srcdir paths, when either contains whitespace. by Dominic Della Valle · 5 days ago
  67. afb5fca test: fix flaky test for issue24491 by Cuong Manh Le · 5 days ago
  68. 5f1b12b cmd/compile: remove nodeNeedsWrapper flag by Cuong Manh Le · 6 days ago
  69. 1f45216 cmd/compile: attach OVARLIVE nodes to OCALLxxx by Cuong Manh Le · 7 days ago
  70. 95bb00d encoding/json: implement Is on all errors by Carlos Alexandro Becker · 5 days ago
  71. b3ef90e encoding/json: implement Is on SyntaxError by Carlos Alexandro Becker · 7 days ago
  72. 92b2b88 cmd/go: avoid flag.FlagSet.VisitAll at init time by Daniel Martí · 5 weeks ago
  73. 806f478 cmd/compile: don't report not enough args error if call is undefined by Cuong Manh Le · 9 days ago
  74. 2c95e3a cmd/compile: use clearer error message for stuct literal by Cuong Manh Le · 9 days ago
  75. d7384f3 os: implement File.Chmod on Windows by Constantin Konstantinidis · 5 weeks ago
  76. 07c1788 cmd/go: move repository resolution from internal/get to internal/vcs by Jay Conrod · 2 weeks ago
  77. 86ee84c cmd/go: move get.Insecure to cfg.Insecure to break dependency cycle by Jay Conrod · 2 weeks ago
  78. b459bc8 cmd/go: make 'go mod download' update go.sum after downloads are complete by Jay Conrod · 7 days ago
  79. 1ed4f12 cmd/link: add a test to test RODATA is indeed read-only by Cherry Zhang · 8 days ago
  80. ffd95aa cmd/link: put read-only data in __DATA_CONST segment by Cherry Zhang · 2 weeks ago
  81. a531bd5 cmd/internal/objfile: recognize Mach-O __DATA_CONST segment as read-only data by Cherry Zhang · 9 days ago
  82. 9214677 cmd/go: refactor modload.Import for better -mod=readonly errors by Jay Conrod · 9 days ago
  83. 6e3df74 cmd/go: refactor -mod flag parsing by Jay Conrod · 9 days ago
  84. b22af9b cmd/link: record only the first occurance in Reachparent graph by Cherry Zhang · 7 days ago
  85. 03a6860 cmd/go: update tests to work with -mod=readonly on by default by Jay Conrod · 9 days ago
  86. d277a36 runtime: remove darwin/arm specifc code by Cherry Zhang · 8 days ago
  87. a1762c2 unicode/utf8: refactor benchmarks for FullRune function by eric fang · 4 months ago
  88. d7ab277 cmd/asm: add more SIMD instructions on arm64 by Junchen Li · 3 weeks ago
  89. 9b2df72 cmd/link: add copyright header by Cherry Zhang · 8 days ago
  90. 8098dbb runtime: update docs for GOMAXPROCS by ipriver · 8 days ago
  91. 07d19b2 all: check GOROOT_BOOTSTRAP executable before bootsrappping by Cuong Manh Le · 8 days ago
  92. dfdc388 cmd/internal/obj/arm64: enable some SIMD instructions by fanzha02 · 4 weeks ago
  93. aa476ba cmd/go/internal/modload: refactor pathInModuleCache by Bryan C. Mills · 2 weeks ago
  94. 564b350 cmd/go/internal/modload: rename LoadBuildList and BuildList by Bryan C. Mills · 8 weeks ago
  95. 521393e cmd/go/internal/modget: move MVS code to a separate file by Bryan C. Mills · 8 weeks ago
  96. 363fb4b cmd/go/internal/modload: consolidate buildList and associated functions into one file by Bryan C. Mills · 3 months ago
  97. d27ebc7 cmd/go/internal/modload: implement the "all" pattern for lazy loading by Bryan C. Mills · 6 months ago
  98. b4944ef cmd: update golang.org/x/tools to v0.0.0-20200901153117-6e59e24738da by Tzu-Chiao Yeh · 12 days ago
  99. cd91ab5 cmd/go/internal/modload: fix spurious import resolution error by Bryan C. Mills · 3 weeks ago
  100. 2c8d2a0 net/http: fix data race due to writeLoop goroutine left running by Steven Hartland · 3 weeks ago