1. c2c2ba2 cmd/compile: fix fmt test by Keith Randall · 3 hours ago master
  2. a04aa1f cmd/internal/obj/riscv: implement MOV pseudo-instructions by Joel Sing · 11 days ago
  3. 1ed932d cmd/go: refuse -w with an invalid GO111MODULE by Daniel Martí · 29 hours ago
  4. 90888ed cmd/compile: in poset, change the way inequality is recorded by Giovanni Bajo · 2 days ago
  5. 233f454 cmd/compile: in poset, improve panic strings and comments by Giovanni Bajo · 2 days ago
  6. c3a871f cmd/compile: in poset, make constant handling more flexible by Giovanni Bajo · 3 weeks ago
  7. 50f1157 cmd/compile: add math/bits.Mul64 intrinsic on mips64x by Meng Zhuo · 2 days ago
  8. 9f95a30 net/http: clean up checkIfModifiedSince and checkIfUnmodifiedSince by Anmol Sethi · 2 years ago
  9. 19532d0 cmd/compile: add debugging mode for poset by Giovanni Bajo · 3 weeks ago
  10. 19e0799 net/http: fix and lock-in Client.Do docs on request cancelation by Emmanuel T Odeke · 3 days ago
  11. b649bdc cmd/compile: remove period from "not allowed in runtime" errors by Matthew Dempsky · 7 hours ago
  12. 06b12e6 cmd/compile: move some ONAME-specific flags from Node to Name by Matthew Dempsky · 2 days ago
  13. 9969c72 net/http: fix Transport panic with nil Request.Header by Emmanuel T Odeke · 28 hours ago
  14. dab199c cmd/compile: consistenly use CTxxx for works relate to Ctype by Cuong Manh Le · 34 hours ago
  15. 4c9e757 test: revise testcase for new gccgo compiler bug by Than McIntosh · 13 hours ago
  16. 902d5aa cmd/go/internal/work: fix error while passing custom vet tool by Agniva De Sarker · 35 hours ago
  17. c721994 internal/syscall/unix: remove unused *Trap consts by Tobias Klauser · 29 hours ago
  18. 46be01f cmd/compile: remove Addable flag by Matthew Dempsky · 2 days ago
  19. 9f4fb68 cmd/compile: remove PDISCARD class by Matthew Dempsky · 2 days ago
  20. e49ecaa runtime: adjust expected error threshold in TestSelectFairness by Giovanni Bajo · 3 days ago
  21. 592d304 net: use case-insensitive host string comparison in TestLookup* by Meng Zhuo · 3 days ago
  22. 3c56eb4 cmd/compile: make poset use sufficient conditions for OrderedOrEqual by zdjones · 3 days ago
  23. e79c238 cmd/compile: move OAS2 to its own case in order by Cuong Manh Le · 3 days ago
  24. ba6aeb6 cmd/compile: simplify OAS2XXX nodes handle in order by Cuong Manh Le · 3 days ago
  25. 54abb5f net/mail: fix new test for systems with different zoneinfo data by Ian Lance Taylor · 3 days ago
  26. 2df5cdb runtime: make nanotime use monotonic clock in Solaris by Jerrin Shaji George · 7 days ago
  27. c1ccae4 os: deflake TestFdReadRace by increasing timeout by Ian Lance Taylor · 3 days ago
  28. fd33b2c runtime: when disabling SIGPROF handler, ignore SIGPROF by Ian Lance Taylor · 3 days ago
  29. 33fac9b cmd/compile/internal/gc: preallocate slices in noder by Ariel Mashraki · 5 days ago
  30. 0e3e46f cmd/go/internal/get: simplify scheme lookup by Bryan C. Mills · 5 days ago
  31. 78d6716 cmd/go: integrate changes made in x/mod packages into internal packages by Jay Conrod · 5 days ago
  32. 2686e74 runtime: make goroutine for wasm async events short-lived by Richard Musiol · 4 days ago
  33. 426bfbe runtime: move sighandler into signal_unix.go by Ian Lance Taylor · 3 days ago
  34. df38069 mime/multipart: add Part.NextRawPart to avoid QP decoding by Alex Buchanan · 10 months ago
  35. a08cb9f net/mail: added support to trailing CFWS in date by Constantin Konstantinidis · 1 year, 1 month ago
  36. ba108c9 encoding/json: add Decoder.InputOffset for offset access by Francesco Renzi · 4 days ago
  37. ac8966a cmd/compile/internal/ssa: fix block AuxIntType lookup by Michael Munday · 3 days ago
  38. 1627714 test/fixedbugs: bump issue21576.go's timeout to 1min by Emmanuel T Odeke · 4 days ago
  39. 2ac8f79 crypto/tls: consistently use %v for error formatting by fenos · 4 days ago
  40. b421b85 errors: fix typo in TODO comment by davidsbond · 4 days ago
  41. d189bdd internal/reflectlite: skip TestMirrorWithReflect reflect package source is unavailable by Bryan C. Mills · 4 days ago
  42. d0f10a6 runtime,internal/bytealg: optimize wasmZero, wasmMove, Compare by Agniva De Sarker · 5 days ago
  43. 03ef105 all: remove nacl (part 3, more amd64p32) by Brad Fitzpatrick · 4 days ago
  44. 6dc740f test: adjust a test to work with js/wasm's background goroutine by Brad Fitzpatrick · 4 days ago
  45. 26ff21d runtime: remove no-op pointer writes in treap rotations by alan · 4 days ago
  46. 68395a6 cmd/go: forbid module pattern 'all' when outside a module by Jay Conrod · 4 days ago
  47. 46b7557 cmd/compile: walk progs to generate debug_lines data by Jeremy Faller · 5 days ago
  48. fb9af84 encoding/json: support TextUnmarshaler for map keys with string underlying types by Cuong Manh Le · 5 days ago
  49. 900ebcf encoding/json: stop escaping U+2028 and U+2029 in Compact by Tom Thorogood · 5 days ago
  50. 3322f3e cmd/go: forbid resolving import to modules when outside of a module by Jay Conrod · 12 days ago
  51. aa09e75 cmd/doc: show original import error when package cannot be found by Jay Conrod · 6 days ago
  52. 99b9ee3 go/build: import packages in module mode when GO111MODULE is "on" by Jay Conrod · 6 days ago
  53. 07b4abd all: remove the nacl port (part 2, amd64p32 + toolchain) by Brad Fitzpatrick · 5 days ago
  54. 19a7490 dog/go1.14: properly close code tags by Ainar Garipov · 5 days ago
  55. 32b6eb8 cmd/go: eliminate redundancy in import error messages by Jay Conrod · 6 days ago
  56. b3104fe Revert "cmd/go: fail if a test binary exits with no output" by Bryan C. Mills · 5 days ago
  57. 4c7a8d6 cmd/go/internal/modfile: remove preceding empty lines when setting require by Jason A. Donenfeld · 6 days ago
  58. 829fae3 net/http: update bundled x/net/http2 by Emmanuel T Odeke · 5 days ago
  59. e24a628 net/http: do not sniff response if Content-Encoding header is set by Emmanuel T Odeke · 7 days ago
  60. 6cba4db cmd/go/internal/list: disallow 'list -m' with '-mod=vendor' by Bryan C. Mills · 6 days ago
  61. 1736f3a cmd/go: automatically check and use vendored packages by Bryan C. Mills · 13 days ago
  62. dae8e71 cmd/go: document multiple conditions in TestScript by Jay Conrod · 5 days ago
  63. 22d3da4 test: new testcase for gccgo compiler problem by Than McIntosh · 2 weeks ago
  64. 1fba10c cmd/go: fail if a test binary exits with no output by Daniel Martí · 4 months ago
  65. 38c4a73 cmd/asm: add s390x branch-on-count instructions by Michael Munday · 9 weeks ago
  66. ff86ce1 cmd/asm: fix element size encoding for VSUMQ instruction on s390x by Michael Munday · 7 days ago
  67. 421d35c cmd/go: suppress more errors in package-to-module loading by Bryan C. Mills · 6 days ago
  68. 0b204f9 go/build: allow ~ and ^ in #cgo directives for sr.ht import paths by Elias Naur · 6 days ago
  69. a38a917 all: remove the nacl port (part 1) by Brad Fitzpatrick · 6 days ago
  70. 2197321 cmd/compile: split n.Noescape() into separate uses by Matthew Dempsky · 6 days ago
  71. 5650a53 go/types: don't skip defined types when reporting cycles by Robert Griesemer · 6 days ago
  72. ce83f41 net/textproto: do not allow multi-line header field names by Katie Hockman · 6 days ago
  73. ed7e430 cmd/go: respect -mod flag in fmt by Dan Peterson · 13 days ago
  74. decf9f6 net/http: use err as error var in server.Serve by Davor Kapsa · 6 days ago
  75. 868de9a go/types: remove objSet type in favor of explicit map type (cleanup) by Robert Griesemer · 13 days ago
  76. c7d7042 go/types: simplify some code and remove TODOs (cleanup) by Robert Griesemer · 13 days ago
  77. 37a2290 go/types: fix cycle detection by Robert Griesemer · 4 weeks ago
  78. 816ff44 cmd/compile: use vsx loads and stores for LoweredMove, LoweredZero on ppc64x by Lynn Boger · 10 days ago
  79. 9ce5cad cmd/internal/obj/arm64: add error checking for system registers. by diaxu01 · 8 weeks ago
  80. d458b86 cmd/compile: regenerate known formats in fmtmap_test.go by Tobias Klauser · 7 days ago
  81. cedb561 syscall: don't use deprecated syscalls on linux/arm64 by Tobias Klauser · 10 days ago
  82. 6ec4c71 cmd/compile: add SSA rules for s390x compare-and-branch instructions by Michael Munday · 4 weeks ago
  83. 77f5adb cmd/compile: don't use statictmps for small object in slice literal by Cuong Manh Le · 2 weeks ago
  84. ecba835 syscall: on wasm, do not panic if "process" global is not defined by Richard Musiol · 7 days ago
  85. 01ff213 cmd/compile: suppress statement marks on interior of switch tree by David Chase · 11 days ago
  86. ab00f89 cmd/compile: remove useless block-indirection in type switch by Matthew Dempsky · 7 days ago
  87. e1446d9 runtime: speed up receive on empty closed channel by Ben Schwartz · 4 months ago
  88. a0894ea cmd/compile: reimplement parameter leak encoding by Matthew Dempsky · 3 weeks ago
  89. 05a805a cmd/compile: introduce EscLeaks abstraction by Matthew Dempsky · 3 weeks ago
  90. 1c8e607 runtime: do not omit stack trace of goroutine that handles async events by Richard Musiol · 8 days ago
  91. 30521d5 cmd/link: produce valid binaries with large data section on wasm by Richard Musiol · 9 days ago
  92. 30da79d cmd/compile: improve write barrier removal by Keith Randall · 8 days ago
  93. 5400165 internal/reflectlite: add missing copyright header by Cuong Manh Le · 7 days ago
  94. 72dc9ab cmd/compile: reuse dead register before reusing register holding constant by Keith Randall · 8 days ago
  95. fc2915f bytes: add endian base compare test by Meng Zhuo · 8 days ago
  96. 8b39106 internal/reflectlite: add type mirror with reflect test by Cuong Manh Le · 10 days ago
  97. c7d81bc cmd/compile: reduce amount of code generated for block rewrite rules by Michael Munday · 13 days ago
  98. cfe2320 os: re-enable TestPipeThreads on darwin by Shenghou Ma · 9 days ago
  99. fc8bef0 unicode/utf8: add link to formal UTF-8 description. by Serhat Giydiren · 10 days ago
  100. ee3f768 internal/reflectlite: updates reflectlite to match runtime rtype/mapType by Cuong Manh Le · 3 weeks ago