1. fd323a8 cmd/go/internal/cache: save more data from DefaultDir by Bryan C. Mills · 3 hours ago master
  2. 4771356 doc: document Go 1.11.4 by Filippo Valsorda · 4 hours ago
  3. 84bf9ce doc: document Go 1.10.7 by Filippo Valsorda · 3 hours ago
  4. b875991 net/http/httptest: don't register a flag unless it looks like it's in use by Brad Fitzpatrick · 6 hours ago
  5. dbd323b internal/x/net/http2/hpack: update from upstream by Brad Fitzpatrick · 28 hours ago
  6. 47fb1fb cmd/go/internal/get: move wildcard-trimming to before CheckImportPath by Bryan C. Mills · 22 hours ago
  7. 976bab6 syscall: remove linknames to runtime symbols for aix/ppc64 by Clément Chigot · 2 days ago
  8. 38e7177 cmd/compile: fix length overflow when appending elements to a slice by Martin Möhrmann · 32 hours ago
  9. 84b408c cmd/go: set user and email in test-local git repos by Bryan C. Mills · 34 hours ago
  10. c802904 doc: document Go 1.11.3 and Go 1.10.6 by Dmitri Shuralyov · 2 days ago
  11. 7701306 crypto/x509: limit number of signature checks for each verification by Filippo Valsorda · 10 days ago
  12. 9c075b7 cmd/go/internal/get: relax pathOK check to allow any letter by Bryan C. Mills · 10 days ago
  13. 73e862e cmd/go/internal/get: use a strings.Replacer in expand by Bryan C. Mills · 10 days ago
  14. 4ab6fb1 cmd/go/internal/get: reject Windows shortnames as path components by Bryan C. Mills · 10 days ago
  15. bc82d7c cmd/go: reject 'get' of paths containing leading dots or unsupported characters by Bryan C. Mills · 2 weeks ago
  16. 190a5f8 go/doc: simplify and robustify link detection logic by Joe Tsai · 10 months ago
  17. a629399 mime/multipart: quote boundary in Content-Type if necessary by Ian Lance Taylor · 25 hours ago
  18. 784d810 text/html: escape MIME type "application/ld+json" as JavaScript by Evan Klitzke · 6 months ago
  19. c3b9a72 fmt: include failing method name in panic message by Ian Lance Taylor · 2 days ago
  20. 9ce38f5 math: don't run huge argument tests on s390x by Robert Griesemer · 27 hours ago
  21. 35edc96 cmd/go/internal/work: skip TestRespectSetgidDir on js. by Bryan C. Mills · 29 hours ago
  22. 3331608 go/internal/gccgoimporter: test fix for older gccgo versions by Than McIntosh · 35 hours ago
  23. 02ad841 math: correct mPi4 comment by Brian Kessler · 32 hours ago
  24. d177e10 cmd/vendor: update vendored golang.org/x/sys/unix by Brad Fitzpatrick · 29 hours ago
  25. 8fd53db doc/go1.12: add note about CL 153559's syscall/js.Callback rename by Brad Fitzpatrick · 30 hours ago
  26. 57de1af bytes: add ReplaceAll example by dupoxy · 30 hours ago
  27. 01eb1d0 doc: 1.12 release notes for regexp, runtime, and runtime/debug packages by Katie Hockman · 9 days ago
  28. 9c623f7 cmd/go: test 'go get' and 'go install' with an (invalid) module ending in /v1 by Bryan C. Mills · 2 days ago
  29. 7d9649b syscall/js: rename js.Callback to js.Func by Richard Musiol · 3 days ago
  30. f95578c runtime: correct signal structs/offsets for openbsd/arm by Joel Sing · 31 hours ago
  31. b6e6870 doc/go1.12: add release notes for bufio and syscall packages by Andrew Bonventre · 2 days ago
  32. 9eb383e runtime,os,syscall,internal/poll: replace getdirentries on iOS by Elias Naur · 6 days ago
  33. 571d93e cmd/go/internal/work: ensure correct group for TestRespectSetgidDir by Mark Pulford · 6 days ago
  34. 5dc144c os/signal: increase wait time for signal delivery time in testcase by Lynn Boger · 2 days ago
  35. 944a9c7 math: use constant rather than variable for exported test threshold by Robert Griesemer · 2 days ago
  36. 98521a5 math: implement trignometric range reduction for huge arguments by Brian Kessler · 3 months ago
  37. a728b0b cmd/link: skip TestRuntimeTypeAttrInternal on windows/arm by Jordan Rhee · 2 days ago
  38. cc5fb5d cmd/vendor: update golang.org/x/sys/unix by Joel Sing · 2 days ago
  39. bbae8d5 syscall: use correct cmsg alignment for openbsd/arm by Joel Sing · 2 days ago
  40. 09da280 strings: add ReplaceAll example by dupoxy · 2 days ago
  41. e123ccb strings: revert accidental example change from CL 153840 by Brad Fitzpatrick · 2 days ago
  42. ab02028 go/build: document when Context.BuildTags is used. by Muhammad Falak R Wani · 4 months ago
  43. 1ca84de runtime: pass LR to sigprof on windows/arm by Jordan Rhee · 2 days ago
  44. 862ba638 cmd/go: reject GOCACHE=off when the default cache is initialized by Bryan C. Mills · 7 days ago
  45. 3ae2c6c go/internal/gccgoimporter: permit fixups for V2 export data by Than McIntosh · 2 days ago
  46. bf141a1 cmd/go/internal/web2: log http requests with -v by Hana Kim · 3 days ago
  47. a35ddcc syscall: update doc comment to match behavior for Proc.Call by Andrew Bonventre · 2 days ago
  48. 561923f cmd/go/internal/modfetch: skip symlinks in (*coderepo).Zip by Bryan C. Mills · 3 days ago
  49. c4a8a68 cmd/go: reproduce #28680 by Bryan C. Mills · 3 days ago
  50. cc8ae42 cmd/go: retain sums for replacement modules in 'go mod tidy' by Bryan C. Mills · 3 days ago
  51. 05bbec7 cmd/compile: don't combine load+op if the op has SymAddr arguments by Keith Randall · 3 days ago
  52. d1882c9 doc/go1.12: release notes for testing by Julie Qiu · 8 days ago
  53. 9a11b73 cmd/go: link to the FAQ for errors that indicate private VCS repos. by Julie Qiu · 3 weeks ago
  54. d70b0ec encoding/xml, encoding/json: docs and examples using custom marshalers by Leigh McCulloch · 4 days ago
  55. 321a3d6 cmd/compile: Avoid and filter out zero-length location-lists. by David Chase · 4 weeks ago
  56. 41d0dc4 go/format: add simple benchmark framework and basic benchmark by Robert Griesemer · 3 days ago
  57. ef780fb runtime/pprof: ignore cpu profile test failures on openbsd/arm by Joel Sing · 3 days ago
  58. 2de2dc2 syscall: regenerate ztypes for openbsd/arm by Joel Sing · 3 days ago
  59. ba1de79 os: in RemoveAll, try Remove first by Ian Lance Taylor · 3 days ago
  60. da6294a runtime/pprof: fix TestCPUProfileWithFork on Windows/ARM by Jordan Rhee · 3 days ago
  61. 6764d7a runtime: fix profiling on windows/ARM by Jordan Rhee · 3 days ago
  62. 12c0f1b cmd/cgo: set correct column for user-written code by Ian Lance Taylor · 2 weeks ago
  63. cee9dfc cmd/go: fix 'go test' and 'go fmt' with files outside a module by Bryan C. Mills · 4 days ago
  64. 353ebe7 cmd/go/internal/modfetch/codehost: return VCSError for unimplemented functions and malformed responses by Bryan C. Mills · 4 days ago
  65. 01a1eaa cmd/compile: use innermost line number for -S by Keith Randall · 7 days ago
  66. ec51004 cmd/go: add a [root] condition to script_test by Bryan C. Mills · 3 days ago
  67. f36a53e go/internal/gccgoimporter: add XCOFF support by Clément Chigot · 9 days ago
  68. ba60724 cmd/go: add a chmod command to script_test by Bryan C. Mills · 7 days ago
  69. 21da8e6 internal/xcoff: add big archive support by Clément Chigot · 5 days ago
  70. 47a71d9 runtime: revise openbsd/arm runtime defs by Joel Sing · 3 days ago
  71. 01e072d cmd/cgo: don't cache bad pointer typedefs by Ian Lance Taylor · 3 days ago
  72. f6a1631 cmd/cover: simplify and correct isValidIdentifier by Ian Lance Taylor · 4 days ago
  73. 9b95035 cmd/nm: run tests in parallel, don't use Scanner on []byte by Ian Lance Taylor · 4 days ago
  74. a11aa2a cmd/link: only create .init_array section if not empty by Ian Lance Taylor · 7 days ago
  75. 6d43587 cmd/cgo: preserve type information across loadDWARF loop by Ian Lance Taylor · 9 days ago
  76. 1ac3b06 cmd/compile: emit a symbol for a method expression when using -dynlink by Ian Lance Taylor · 7 days ago
  77. 56b70d9 doc: use https scheme in oss-distros link by Dmitri Shuralyov · 4 days ago
  78. f64385b cmd/compile: set correct line number for method wrappers by Keith Randall · 4 days ago
  79. 0f0b108 runtime: fix CGO traceback frame count by Mark Pulford · 2 weeks ago
  80. 963c9fd cmd/cover: check that the argument of -var is valid by Andrea Nodari · 6 months ago
  81. 1ccb66d hash/fnv: use bits.Mul64 for 128-bit hash by Brian Kessler · 3 months ago
  82. ba69df6 cmd/go/internal/modfetch: update TestCodeRepo for gopkg.in/yaml.v2 v2.2.2 by Bryan C. Mills · 4 days ago
  83. 8c5976f cmd/cgo: don't pass CGO_CFLAGS -g options to debug info generation by Ian Lance Taylor · 11 days ago
  84. 89df035 cmd/go: fix errors for commands run outside of modules by Jay Conrod · 8 days ago
  85. 6182d08 go/build: improve comment on Context.CgoEnabled by Gn Shivakumar · 5 months ago
  86. e256aff all: move cmd/internal/xcoff to internal/xcoff by Clément Chigot · 9 days ago
  87. 033d094 crypto/ecdsa: fix NSA reference to Suite B implementer's guide to FIPS 186-3 by Gerasimos (Makis) Maropoulos · 6 days ago
  88. 11ce6ea math/bits: remove named return in TrailingZeros16 by Alberto Donizetti · 6 days ago
  89. 353795c cmd/link/internal/ld: run tests in parallel by Ian Lance Taylor · 7 days ago
  90. ea6259d cmd/compile: check for negative upper bound to IsSliceInBounds by David Chase · 10 days ago
  91. 179909f cmd/go: disallow version string in go mod init module path by Kyle Wood · 4 weeks ago
  92. 444887d doc/go1.12: release notes for math/bits by Julie Qiu · 8 days ago
  93. 9555769 cmd/link: use filepath.Join rather than d + "/" + f by Ian Lance Taylor · 7 days ago
  94. d20b6d8 cmd/go/internal/modload: add missing build constraint in testgo.go by Bryan C. Mills · 7 days ago
  95. 048988a runtime: fix runtime-gdb.py when switching sp value by Lynn Boger · 10 days ago
  96. 578667f runtime: enable preemption of mark termination goroutine by Michael Anthony Knyszek · 8 days ago
  97. f604b6c doc: mention the use of replacements to resolve imports for 1.12 by Bryan C. Mills · 7 days ago
  98. 6129e33 doc: announce the end of support for binary-only packages by Bryan C. Mills · 8 days ago
  99. e546ef1 cmd/internal/obj/s390x: don't crash on invalid instruction by Ian Lance Taylor · 7 days ago
  100. 276870d math: document sign bit correspondence for floating-point/bits conversions by Robert Griesemer · 8 days ago