all: upgrade Unicode from 13.0.0 to 15.0.0

Update unicode/tables.go to reflect changes in the Unicode Standard up to
Unicode 15.0.0, released 13 Sept 2022.

In order to accommodate this update, strconv/isPrint has been updated to
reflect changes in printable characters.

Also changed is template/exec_test.go for both text and html packages- in
the test "TestJSEscaping", rune U+FDFF was used as a placeholder for an
unprintable character. This codepoint was assigned and made printable in
Unicode 14.0.0, breaking this test. It has been replaced with the assigned
and never-printable U+FFFE to fix the test and provide resiliency in the

This upgrade bypasses Unicode 14.0.0, but is compatible.


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