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# Run and compare benchmarks.
# This requires a version of benchstat that supports
# the -ignore flag. The flag was added on or before 13 January 2023,
# so a compatible version can be obtained by running
# go install
count = 10
default: compare-zap compare-zerolog
compare-%: %_benchmarks/out.bench slog.bench
benchstat -ignore pkg $^
slog.bench: *.go ../*.go ../../go.mod
go test -run NONE -bench . -count $(count) > $@
slog-nopc.bench: *.go ../*.go ../../go.mod
go test -nopc -run NONE -bench . -count $(count) > $@
%_benchmarks/out.bench: %_benchmarks/*.go %_benchmarks/go.mod
go test -C $*_benchmarks -bench . -count $(count) > $@
# Don't delete the out.bench files after a comparison.
.PRECIOUS: %_benchmarks/out.bench