Go supplementary cryptography libraries

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  1. 7e91053 x/crypto/ssh: fix host certificate principal evaluation to check for hostname only by Adam Eijdenberg · 9 days ago master
  2. 6c586e1 bcrypt: fix C compatibility code by Andreas Auernhammer · 4 days ago
  3. 0fe9631 chacha20poly1305: fix style nits in variable names by Han-Wen Nienhuys · 9 days ago
  4. ab89591 blake2b: fix self-assignment in test by Andreas Auernhammer · 13 days ago
  5. 122d919 ssh: change the local copy of the ServerConfig passed to NewServerConn by Catalin Nicutar · 2 weeks ago
  6. 5a033cc acme/autocert: validate SNI value even more by Brad Fitzpatrick · 3 weeks ago
  7. 04eae0b autocert: validate SNI values more, add tests by Brad Fitzpatrick · 3 weeks ago
  8. 2292f58 crypto/ssh: fix tests on Go 1.7 on OpenBSD and Windows by Brad Fitzpatrick · 3 weeks ago
  9. 12e9ca7 chacha20poly1305: add runtime internal independent cpu feature detection by Martin Möhrmann · 4 weeks ago
  10. d146457 ssh/knownhosts: test coverage for IsHostAuthority by Peter Moody · 3 weeks ago
  11. 8e03fc1 acme/autocert: remove failed state entries by Alex Vaghin · 4 weeks ago
  12. 527d12e ssh/knownhosts: add IsHostAuthority. by Peter Moody · 4 weeks ago
  13. c7af5bf acme: add missing err assignment check by Alex Vaghin · 4 weeks ago
  14. 5f995c0 acme: add function to check rate limits by Alex Vaghin · 3 months ago
  15. 141c762 acme: replace ErrAuthorizationFailed with a type by Alex Vaghin · 6 weeks ago
  16. 0e4becf acme/autocert: treat invalid cert as a cache miss by Alex Vaghin · 4 weeks ago
  17. 2b0eeec acme: generate correct ES512 signatures by Alex Vaghin · 5 months ago
  18. 3543873 acme/autocert: return error if Prompt not set by Ross Light · 5 weeks ago
  19. 9684645 ssh/terminal: implement missing functions for Solaris/OmniOS by Rick Sayre · 5 weeks ago
  20. 0242f07 acme/autocert: extend default value of RenewBefore by Alex Vaghin · 9 weeks ago