acme: add AccountKeyRollover

Add support for AccountKeyRollover. API only returns an error since acme.Error
will contain appropriate KID lookup information. Due to the requirements
of double JWS encoding jwsEncodeJSON is also modified to support a
missing Nonce header and raw string embedding in the payload.

Fixes golang/go#42516

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  1. acme/
  2. argon2/
  3. bcrypt/
  4. blake2b/
  5. blake2s/
  6. blowfish/
  7. bn256/
  8. cast5/
  9. chacha20/
  10. chacha20poly1305/
  11. cryptobyte/
  12. curve25519/
  13. ed25519/
  14. hkdf/
  15. internal/
  16. md4/
  17. nacl/
  18. ocsp/
  19. openpgp/
  20. otr/
  21. pbkdf2/
  22. pkcs12/
  23. poly1305/
  24. ripemd160/
  25. salsa20/
  26. scrypt/
  27. sha3/
  28. ssh/
  29. tea/
  30. twofish/
  31. xtea/
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Go Cryptography

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This repository holds supplementary Go cryptography libraries.


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