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// Copyright 2021 The Go Authors. All rights reserved.
// Use of this source code is governed by a BSD-style
// license that can be found in the LICENSE file.
Versionprune prunes stale AppEngine versions for a specified service.
The command by default will:
- keep the latest 5 versions
- keep any version that is serving traffic
- keep any version that is younger than 24h
- ignore versions with invalid dates (doesn't seem to be a real thing)
Sample output:
target project: [go-discovery]
target service: [go-dev]
versions: (18)
versions to keep (11): [
20191101t013408: version is serving traffic. split: 100%
20191031t211924: keeping the latest 5 versions (2)
20191031t211903: keeping the latest 5 versions (3)
20191031t205920: keeping the latest 5 versions (4)
20191031t232247: keeping the latest 5 versions (5)
20191031t232028: keeping recent versions (2h56m4.73591512s)
20191031t220312: keeping recent versions (4h13m20.735921508s)
20191031t211935: keeping recent versions (4h56m55.73592447s)
20191031t211824: keeping recent versions (4h58m10.735928067s)
20191031t200353: keeping recent versions (6h12m38.735932792s)
20191031t150644: keeping recent versions (11h9m44.735935312s)
versions to delete (7): [
20191030t225128: bye
20191030t214823: bye
20191030t214355: bye
20191030t204338: bye
20191030t202841: bye
20191030t195403: bye
20191030t192250: bye
deleting go-discovery/go-dev/20191030t225128
package main