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An initial policy for the Go CNA is added.

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+  "Title": "Go CNA"
+**This page is a work in progress.**
+## Overview
+The Go CNA is a
+[CVE Numbering Authority](https://www.cve.org/ProgramOrganization/CNAs), which issues
+[CVE IDs](https://www.cve.org/ResourcesSupport/Glossary?activeTerm=glossaryCVEID) and publishes
+[CVE Records](https://www.cve.org/ResourcesSupport/Glossary?activeTerm=glossaryRecord)
+for public vulnerabilities in the Go ecosystem. It is a sub-CNA of the Google CNA.
+## Scope
+The Go CNA covers vulnerabilities in the Go project (the Go
+[standard library](https://pkg.go.dev/std) and
+[sub-repositories](https://pkg.go.dev/golang.org/x)) and public vulnerabilities
+in importable Go modules that are not already covered by another CNA.
+This scope is intended to explicitly exclude vulnerabilities in applications or
+packages written in Go that are not importable (for example, anything in
+package `main` or an `internal/` directory).
+To report vulnerabilities in the Go project, refer to
+## Requesting a CVE
+TODO: add instructions
+## Contact
+For more information, email security@golang.org.