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- module:
- introduced: 1.7.0
vulnerable_at: 1.14.2
- module:
- introduced: 1.11.0
fixed: 1.11.16
vulnerable_at: 1.11.15
- module:
- introduced: 1.12.0
fixed: 1.12.9
vulnerable_at: 1.12.8
- module:
- introduced: 1.13.0
fixed: 1.13.2
vulnerable_at: 1.13.1
summary: Debug mode leaks confidential data in Cilium
description: |-
### Impact
When run in debug mode, Cilium may log sensitive information.
In particular, Cilium running in debug mode will log the values of headers if
they match HTTP network policy rules. This issue affects Cilium versions:
- 1.7.* to 1.10.* inclusive
- 1.11.* before 1.11.16
- 1.12.* before 1.12.9
- 1.13.* before 1.13.2
In addition, Cilium 1.12.* before 1.12.9 and 1.13.* before 1.13.2., when running
in debug mode, might log secrets used by the Cilium agent. This includes TLS
private keys for Ingress and GatewayAPI resources, depending on the
configuration of the affected cluster. Output of the confidential data would
occur at Cilium agent restart, when the secrets are modified, and on creation of
Ingress or GatewayAPI resources.
### Patches
This vulnerability is fixed in Cilium releases 1.11.16, 1.12.9, and 1.13.2.
### Workarounds Disable debug mode.
### Acknowledgements The Cilium community has worked together with members of
Isovalent to prepare these mitigations. Special thanks to @meyskens for
investigating and fixing the issue.
### For more information If you have any questions or comments about this
advisory, please reach out on
As usual, if you think you found a related vulnerability, we strongly encourage
you to report security vulnerabilities to our private security mailing list:
[]( - first, before disclosing them
in any public forums. This is a private mailing list where only members of the
Cilium internal security team are subscribed to, and is treated as top priority.
- CVE-2023-29002
- GHSA-pg5p-wwp8-97g8
- web:
- advisory:
- package:
- 'create: unsupported version range event models.Event{Introduced:"", Fixed:"", LastAffected:"1.10.0", Limit:""}'
- 'lint: redundant non-advisory reference to GHSA-pg5p-wwp8-97g8'