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- module:
- fixed: 3.0.1
summary: personnummer/go vulnerable to Improper Input Validation
description: |-
This vulnerability was reported to the personnummer team in June 2020. The slow
response was due to locked ownership of some of the affected packages, which
caused delays to update packages prior to disclosure.
The vulnerability is determined to be low severity.
### Impact
This vulnerability impacts users who rely on the for last digits of personnummer
to be a _real_ personnummer.
### Patches
The issue have been patched in all repositories. The following versions should
be updated to as soon as possible:
[C#]( 3.0.2 D 3.0.1
[Dart]( 3.0.3 Elixir 3.0.0
[Go]( 3.0.1
[Java]( 3.3.0
[JavaScript]( 3.1.0 Kotlin
1.1.0 Lua 3.0.1 [PHP]( 3.0.2
Perl 3.0.0 [Python]( 3.0.2
[Ruby]( 3.0.1
[Rust]( 3.0.0 Scala 3.0.1
Swift 1.0.1
If you are using any of the earlier packages, please update to latest.
### Workarounds
The issue arrieses from the regular expression allowing the first three digits
in the last four digits of the personnummer to be 000, which is invalid. To
mitigate this without upgrading, a check on the last four digits can be made to
make sure it's not 000x.
### For more information
If you have any questions or comments about this advisory:
* Open an issue in [Personnummer
* Email us at [Personnummer Email](
- GHSA-hv53-vf5m-8q94
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- web:
- 'lint: bad version "3.0.1": invalid version: should be v0 or v1, not v3'
- 'lint: redundant non-advisory reference to GHSA-hv53-vf5m-8q94'