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- module:
- fixed: 1.5.18
vulnerable_at: 1.5.17
- module:
- introduced: 1.6.0
fixed: 1.6.18
vulnerable_at: 1.6.17
summary: Supplementary groups are not set up properly in
description: |-
### Impact
A bug was found in containerd where supplementary groups are not set up properly
inside a container. If an attacker has direct access to a container and
manipulates their supplementary group access, they may be able to use
supplementary group access to bypass primary group restrictions in some cases,
potentially gaining access to sensitive information or gaining the ability to
execute code in that container.
Downstream applications that use the containerd client library may be affected
as well.
### Patches This bug has been fixed in containerd v1.6.18 and v.1.5.18. Users
should update to these versions and recreate containers to resolve this issue.
Users who rely on a downstream application that uses containerd's client library
should check that application for a separate advisory and instructions.
### Workarounds
Ensure that the `"USER $USERNAME"` Dockerfile instruction is not used. Instead,
set the container entrypoint to a value similar to `ENTRYPOINT ["su", "-",
"user"]` to allow `su` to properly set up supplementary groups.
### References
- Docker/Moby: CVE-2022-36109, fixed in Docker 20.10.18
- CRI-O: CVE-2022-2995, fixed in CRI-O 1.25.0
- Podman: CVE-2022-2989, fixed in Podman 3.0.1 and 4.2.0
- Buildah: CVE-2022-2990, fixed in Buildah 1.27.1
Note that CVE IDs apply to a particular implementation, even if an issue is
### For more information
If you have any questions or comments about this advisory:
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* [Report a new
* Email us at [](
- CVE-2023-25173
- GHSA-hmfx-3pcx-653p
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