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- module:
- cryptManifestList
- fixed: 1.1.4
description: |
The imgcrypt library provides API exensions for containerd to
support encrypted container images and implements the ctd-decoder
command line tool for use by containerd to decrypt encrypted
container images. The imgcrypt function `CheckAuthorization`
is supposed to check whether the current used is authorized to
access an encrypted image and prevent the user from running an
image that another user previously decrypted on the same system.
In versions prior to 1.1.4, a failure occurs when an image with
a ManifestList is used and the architecture of the local host
is not the first one in the ManifestList. Only the first
architecture in the list was tested, which may not have its
layers available locally since it could not be run on the host
architecture. Therefore, the verdict on unavailable layers was
that the image could be run anticipating that image run failure
would occur later due to the layers not being available. However,
this verdict to allow the image to run enabled other architectures
in the ManifestList to run an image without providing keys if
that image had previously been decrypted. A patch has been
applied to imgcrypt 1.1.4. Workarounds may include usage of
different namespaces for each remote user.
- CVE-2022-24778
- GHSA-8v99-48m9-c8pm
credit: '@dimitar-dimitrow'