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$ govulncheck -dir ${moddir}/manystacks . --> FAIL 3
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Scanning for dependencies with known vulnerabilities...
Found 1 known vulnerability.
Vulnerability #1: GO-2020-0040
Due to unchecked type assertions, maliciously crafted messages
can cause panics, which may be used as a denial of service
Call stacks in your code:
.../main.go:16:14: calls
.../main.go:30:28:$2 calls, which eventually calls
.../main.go:44:7: calls
Found in:
Fixed in: N/A
More info:
=== Informational ===
The vulnerabilities below are in packages that you import, but your code
doesn't appear to call any vulnerable functions. You may not need to take any
action. See
for details.
Vulnerability #1: GO-2022-0969
HTTP/2 server connections can hang forever waiting for a clean shutdown
that was preempted by a fatal error. This condition can be exploited
by a malicious client to cause a denial of service.
Found in: net/http@go1.18
Fixed in: net/http@go1.19.1
More info: