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// Copyright 2023 The Go Authors. All rights reserved.
// Use of this source code is governed by a BSD-style
// license that can be found in the LICENSE file.
Package scan provides functionality for running govulncheck.
See [cmd/govulncheck/main.go] as a usage example.
package scan
import (
// Cmd represents an external govulncheck command being prepared or run,
// similar to exec.Cmd.
type Cmd struct {
// Stdin specifies the standard input. If provided, it is expected to be
// the output of govulncheck -json.
Stdin io.Reader
// Stdout specifies the standard output. If nil, Run connects os.Stdout.
Stdout io.Writer
// Stderr specifies the standard error. If nil, Run connects os.Stderr.
Stderr io.Writer
// Env is the environment to use.
// If Env is nil, the current environment is used.
// As in os/exec's Cmd, only the last value in the slice for
// each environment key is used. To specify the setting of only
// a few variables, append to the current environment, as in:
// opt.Env = append(os.Environ(), "GOOS=plan9", "GOARCH=386")
Env []string
ctx context.Context
args []string
done chan struct{}
err error
// Command returns the Cmd struct to execute govulncheck with the given
// arguments.
func Command(ctx context.Context, arg ...string) *Cmd {
return &Cmd{
ctx: ctx,
args: arg,
// Start starts the specified command but does not wait for it to complete.
// After a successful call to Start the Wait method must be called in order to
// release associated system resources.
func (c *Cmd) Start() error {
if c.done != nil {
return errors.New("vuln: already started")
if c.Stdin == nil {
c.Stdin = os.Stdin
if c.Stdout == nil {
c.Stdout = os.Stdout
if c.Stderr == nil {
c.Stderr = os.Stderr
if c.Env == nil {
c.Env = os.Environ()
c.done = make(chan struct{})
go func() {
defer close(c.done)
c.err = c.scan()
return nil
// Wait waits for the command to exit. The command must have been started by
// Start.
// Wait releases any resources associated with the Cmd.
func (c *Cmd) Wait() error {
if c.done == nil {
return errors.New("vuln: start must be called before wait")
return c.err
func (c *Cmd) scan() error {
if err := c.ctx.Err(); err != nil {
return err
return scan.RunGovulncheck(c.ctx, c.Env, c.Stdin, c.Stdout, c.Stderr, c.args)