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+## V0.26.0 - 17 Jun, 2021
+📣 [`Delve`'s native DAP implementation](https://github.com/golang/vscode-go/blob/master/docs/dlv-dap.md) is now available for use. In order to use this new debug adapter (`dlv-dap`) when debugging Go programs, add the following settings in your `settings.json`:
+    "go.delveConfig": {
+        "debugAdapter": "dlv-dap",
+    },
+Please learn more about [the new adapter's features and configuration parameters](https://github.com/golang/vscode-go/blob/master/docs/dlv-dap.md), and share your feedback and report the issues in our issue tracker.
+A list of all issues and changes can be found in the [v0.26.0 milestone](https://github.com/golang/vscode-go/milestone/30?closed=1) and [commit history](https://github.com/golang/vscode-go/compare/v0.25.1...v0.26.0).
+### Enhancements
+- `dlv-dap` is ready for use in local debugging.
+- Added the new `"Go: Test Function At Cursor or Test Previous"` command. ([PR 1509](https://github.com/golang/vscode-go/pull/1509))
+- `"Go: Add Imports"` command uses `gopls` instead of `gopkg`. This requires `gopls@v0.7.0` or newer. ([Go Issue 43351](https://github.com/golang/go/issues/43351))
+### Fixes
+- Fixed `"Go: Lint Workspace"` that failed no editor is active. ([Issue 1520](https://github.com/golang/vscode-go/issues/1520))
+- Fixed `gopls` crash caused by Untitled files. ([Issue 1559](https://github.com/golang/vscode-go/issues/1559))
+### Thanks
+Thanks for your contributions, @mislav, @marwan-at-work, @findleyr, @lggomez, @fflewddur, @suzmue, @hyangah!
 ## v0.25.1 - 24 May, 2021
 A list of all issues and changes can be found in the [v0.25.1 milestone](https://github.com/golang/vscode-go/issues?q=is%3Aissue+milestone%3Av0.25.1+is%3Aclosed).
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 provides rich language support for the
 [Go programming language](https://golang.org/).
-> 📣 Gopls, the official Go language server, is now enabled in VS Code by default.
-> Gopls replaces several legacy tools to provide IDE features while editing Go code.
-> See [issue 1037](https://github.com/golang/vscode-go/issues/1037) for more information.
+> 📣 Debugging using [`Delve`'s native DAP implementation](https://github.com/golang/vscode-go/blob/master/docs/dlv-dap.md) is now available for use.<br>
+> Please test it by following [the instruction to enable this new feature](https://github.com/golang/vscode-go/blob/master/docs/dlv-dap.md#getting-started) and share your feedback!
 ## Quick Start