[release] src/goInstallTools: remove dlv-dap from missing tools

We hoped to use missing analysis tools to prompt users to update
dlv-dap since we want users to be using master. This results in
the Missing Analysis Tools notification to be constantly displayed,
which is distracting. We should replace this with other update
logic to keep users getting updates.

Change-Id: I71a99dc0e47ce1447acec2cda223ab10e3f3100e
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Trust: Suzy Mueller <suzmue@golang.org>
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Reviewed-by: Hyang-Ah Hana Kim <hyangah@gmail.com>
(cherry picked from commit d9fca4df1d08c8d5b5559f955cb918354769a3d4)
Reviewed-on: https://go-review.googlesource.com/c/vscode-go/+/306970
diff --git a/src/goInstallTools.ts b/src/goInstallTools.ts
index 8cae7d8..542eac6 100644
--- a/src/goInstallTools.ts
+++ b/src/goInstallTools.ts
@@ -568,17 +568,6 @@
 			(tool) =>
 				new Promise<Tool>((resolve, reject) => {
 					const toolPath = getBinPath(tool.name);
-					if (tool.name === 'dlv-dap') {
-						// Check if user already has dlv-dap binary.
-						// If so, it's likely the user may be interested in updating the tool,
-						// so we should mark it as important and return as a missing tool.
-						if (path.isAbsolute(toolPath)) {
-							tool.isImportant = true;
-							resolve(tool);
-							return;
-						}
-						tool.isImportant = false;
-					}
 					resolve(path.isAbsolute(toolPath) ? null : tool);