content: make urls explicit in web server exercise

Some readers became confused because the server doesn't
register a handler for "/", causing them to get a 404
on localhost:4000 even when having completed the exercise

Fixes golang/go#13012

Change-Id: I97ba511ca0b38097e5b54b75a7478c7c59912e43
Reviewed-by: Andrew Gerrand <>
diff --git a/content/methods.article b/content/methods.article
index c2050fc..ba25d80 100644
--- a/content/methods.article
+++ b/content/methods.article
@@ -210,6 +210,13 @@
 	http.Handle("/string", String("I'm a frayed knot."))
 	http.Handle("/struct", &Struct{"Hello", ":", "Gophers!"})
+After starting your server, you will be able to visit
+[[http://localhost:4000/strings][http://localhost:4000/string]] and
+For more details about the `http.Handle` function, see
+[[][the documentation]].
 #appengine: *Note:* This example won't run through the web-based tour user
 #appengine: interface. To try writing web servers you may want to
 #appengine: [[][Install Go]].