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// Copyright 2014 The Go Authors. All rights reserved.
// Use of this source code is governed by a BSD-style
// license that can be found in the LICENSE file.
// The godex command prints (dumps) exported information of packages
// or selected package objects.
// In contrast to godoc, godex extracts this information from compiled
// object files. Hence the exported data is truly what a compiler will
// see, at the cost of missing commentary.
// Usage: godex [flags] {path[.name]}
// Each argument must be a (possibly partial) package path, optionally
// followed by a dot and the name of a package object:
// godex math
// godex math.Sin
// godex math.Sin fmt.Printf
// godex go/types
// godex automatically tries all possible package path prefixes if only a
// partial package path is given. For instance, for the path "go/types",
// godex prepends "".
// The prefixes are computed by searching the directories specified by
// the GOROOT and GOPATH environment variables (and by excluding the
// build OS- and architecture-specific directory names from the path).
// The search order is depth-first and alphabetic; for a partial path
// "foo", a package "a/foo" is found before "b/foo".
// Absolute and relative paths may be provided, which disable automatic
// prefix generation:
// godex $GOROOT/pkg/darwin_amd64/sort
// godex ./sort
// All but the last path element may contain dots; a dot in the last path
// element separates the package path from the package object name. If the
// last path element contains a dot, terminate the argument with another
// dot (indicating an empty object name). For instance, the path for a
// package would be specified as in:
// godex
// The flags are:
// -s=""
// only consider packages from src, where src is one of the supported compilers
// -v=false
// verbose mode
// The following sources (-s arguments) are supported:
// gc
// gc-generated object files
// gccgo
// gccgo-generated object files
// gccgo-new
// gccgo-generated object files using a condensed format (experimental)
// source
// (uncompiled) source code (not yet implemented)
// If no -s argument is provided, godex will try to find a matching source.
package main // import ""
// BUG(gri): support for -s=source is not yet implemented
// BUG(gri): gccgo-importing appears to have occasional problems stalling godex; try -s=gc as work-around