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// Copyright 2023 The Go Authors. All rights reserved.
// Use of this source code is governed by a BSD-style
// license that can be found in the LICENSE file.
package settings
import (
var (
optionsOnce sync.Once
defaultOptions *Options
// DefaultOptions is the options that are used for Gopls execution independent
// of any externally provided configuration (LSP initialization, command
// invocation, etc.).
func DefaultOptions(overrides ...func(*Options)) *Options {
optionsOnce.Do(func() {
var commands []string
for _, c := range command.Commands {
commands = append(commands, c.ID())
defaultOptions = &Options{
ClientOptions: ClientOptions{
InsertTextFormat: protocol.PlainTextTextFormat,
PreferredContentFormat: protocol.Markdown,
ConfigurationSupported: true,
DynamicConfigurationSupported: true,
DynamicRegistrationSemanticTokensSupported: true,
DynamicWatchedFilesSupported: true,
LineFoldingOnly: false,
HierarchicalDocumentSymbolSupport: true,
ServerOptions: ServerOptions{
SupportedCodeActions: map[file.Kind]map[protocol.CodeActionKind]bool{
file.Go: {
protocol.SourceFixAll: true,
protocol.SourceOrganizeImports: true,
protocol.QuickFix: true,
protocol.RefactorRewrite: true,
protocol.RefactorInline: true,
protocol.RefactorExtract: true,
file.Mod: {
protocol.SourceOrganizeImports: true,
protocol.QuickFix: true,
file.Work: {},
file.Sum: {},
file.Tmpl: {},
SupportedCommands: commands,
UserOptions: UserOptions{
BuildOptions: BuildOptions{
ExpandWorkspaceToModule: true,
MemoryMode: ModeNormal,
DirectoryFilters: []string{"-**/node_modules"},
TemplateExtensions: []string{},
StandaloneTags: []string{"ignore"},
UIOptions: UIOptions{
DiagnosticOptions: DiagnosticOptions{
Annotations: map[Annotation]bool{
Bounds: true,
Escape: true,
Inline: true,
Nil: true,
Vulncheck: ModeVulncheckOff,
DiagnosticsDelay: 1 * time.Second,
DiagnosticsTrigger: DiagnosticsOnEdit,
AnalysisProgressReporting: true,
InlayHintOptions: InlayHintOptions{},
DocumentationOptions: DocumentationOptions{
HoverKind: FullDocumentation,
LinkTarget: "",
LinksInHover: true,
NavigationOptions: NavigationOptions{
ImportShortcut: BothShortcuts,
SymbolMatcher: SymbolFastFuzzy,
SymbolStyle: DynamicSymbols,
SymbolScope: AllSymbolScope,
CompletionOptions: CompletionOptions{
Matcher: Fuzzy,
CompletionBudget: 100 * time.Millisecond,
ExperimentalPostfixCompletions: true,
CompleteFunctionCalls: true,
Codelenses: map[string]bool{
string(command.Generate): true,
string(command.RegenerateCgo): true,
string(command.Tidy): true,
string(command.GCDetails): false,
string(command.UpgradeDependency): true,
string(command.Vendor): true,
// TODO(hyangah): enable command.RunGovulncheck.
InternalOptions: InternalOptions{
CompleteUnimported: true,
CompletionDocumentation: true,
DeepCompletion: true,
NewDiff: "new",
SubdirWatchPatterns: SubdirWatchPatternsAuto,
ReportAnalysisProgressAfter: 5 * time.Second,
TelemetryPrompt: false,
LinkifyShowMessage: false,
Hooks: Hooks{
// TODO(adonovan): switch to new diff.Strings implementation.
ComputeEdits: myers.ComputeEdits,
URLRegexp: urlRegexp(),
DefaultAnalyzers: defaultAnalyzers(),
TypeErrorAnalyzers: typeErrorAnalyzers(),
ConvenienceAnalyzers: convenienceAnalyzers(),
StaticcheckAnalyzers: map[string]*Analyzer{},
GoDiff: true,
options := defaultOptions.Clone()
for _, override := range overrides {
if override != nil {
return options