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// Copyright 2023 The Go Authors. All rights reserved.
// Use of this source code is governed by a BSD-style
// license that can be found in the LICENSE file.
package settings
import (
// A Fix identifies kinds of suggested fix, both in Analyzer.Fix and in the
// ApplyFix subcommand (see ExecuteCommand and ApplyFixArgs.Fix).
type Fix string
const (
FillStruct Fix = "fill_struct"
StubMethods Fix = "stub_methods"
UndeclaredName Fix = "undeclared_name"
ExtractVariable Fix = "extract_variable"
ExtractFunction Fix = "extract_function"
ExtractMethod Fix = "extract_method"
InlineCall Fix = "inline_call"
InvertIfCondition Fix = "invert_if_condition"
AddEmbedImport Fix = "add_embed_import"
// Analyzer augments a go/analysis analyzer with additional LSP configuration.
type Analyzer struct {
Analyzer *analysis.Analyzer
// Enabled reports whether the analyzer is enabled. This value can be
// configured per-analysis in user settings. For staticcheck analyzers,
// the value of the Staticcheck setting overrides this field.
// Most clients should use the IsEnabled method.
Enabled bool
// Fix is the name of the suggested fix name used to invoke the suggested
// fixes for the analyzer. It is non-empty if we expect this analyzer to
// provide its fix separately from its diagnostics. That is, we should apply
// the analyzer's suggested fixes through a Command, not a TextEdit.
Fix Fix
// ActionKind is the kind of code action this analyzer produces. If
// unspecified the type defaults to quickfix.
ActionKind []protocol.CodeActionKind
// Severity is the severity set for diagnostics reported by this
// analyzer. If left unset it defaults to Warning.
Severity protocol.DiagnosticSeverity
// Tag is extra tags (unnecessary, deprecated, etc) for diagnostics
// reported by this analyzer.
Tag []protocol.DiagnosticTag
func (a *Analyzer) String() string { return a.Analyzer.String() }
// IsEnabled reports whether this analyzer is enabled by the given options.
func (a Analyzer) IsEnabled(options *Options) bool {
// Staticcheck analyzers can only be enabled when staticcheck is on.
if _, ok := options.StaticcheckAnalyzers[a.Analyzer.Name]; ok {
if !options.Staticcheck {
return false
if enabled, ok := options.Analyses[a.Analyzer.Name]; ok {
return enabled
return a.Enabled