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package noparse
// The type error was chosen carefully to exercise a type-error analyzer.
// We use the 'nonewvars' analyzer because the other candidates are tricky:
// - The 'unusedvariable' analyzer is disabled by default, so it is not
// consistently enabled across Test{LSP,CommandLine} tests, which
// both process this file.
// - The 'undeclaredname' analyzer depends on the text of the go/types
// "undeclared name" error, which changed in go1.20.
// - The 'noresultvalues' analyzer produces a diagnostic containing newlines,
// which breaks the parser used by TestCommandLine.
// This comment is all that remains of my afternoon.
func bye(x int) {
x := 123 //@diag(":=", "nonewvars", "no new variables", "warning")
func stuff() {
func .() {} //@diag(".", "syntax", "expected 'IDENT', found '.'", "error")