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// Copyright 2020 The Go Authors. All rights reserved.
// Use of this source code is governed by a BSD-style
// license that can be found in the LICENSE file.
// Package typesinternal provides access to internal go/types APIs that are not
// yet exported.
package typesinternal
import (
func SetUsesCgo(conf *types.Config) bool {
v := reflect.ValueOf(conf).Elem()
f := v.FieldByName("go115UsesCgo")
if !f.IsValid() {
f = v.FieldByName("UsesCgo")
if !f.IsValid() {
return false
addr := unsafe.Pointer(f.UnsafeAddr())
*(*bool)(addr) = true
return true
// ReadGo116ErrorData extracts additional information from types.Error values
// generated by Go version 1.16 and later: the error code, start position, and
// end position. If all positions are valid, start <= err.Pos <= end.
// If the data could not be read, the final result parameter will be false.
func ReadGo116ErrorData(err types.Error) (code ErrorCode, start, end token.Pos, ok bool) {
var data [3]int
// By coincidence all of these fields are ints, which simplifies things.
v := reflect.ValueOf(err)
for i, name := range []string{"go116code", "go116start", "go116end"} {
f := v.FieldByName(name)
if !f.IsValid() {
return 0, 0, 0, false
data[i] = int(f.Int())
return ErrorCode(data[0]), token.Pos(data[1]), token.Pos(data[2]), true
var SetGoVersion = func(conf *types.Config, version string) bool { return false }
// SkipEncoderMethodSorting marks the encoder as not requiring sorted methods,
// as an optimization for gopls (which guarantees the order of parsed source files).
// TODO(golang/go#61443): eliminate this parameter one way or the other.
//go:linkname SkipEncoderMethodSorting
func SkipEncoderMethodSorting(enc *objectpath.Encoder)
// ObjectpathObject is like objectpath.Object, but allows suppressing method
// sorting (which is not necessary for gopls).
//go:linkname ObjectpathObject
func ObjectpathObject(pkg *types.Package, p objectpath.Path, skipMethodSorting bool) (types.Object, error)