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// Copyright 2021 The Go Authors. All rights reserved.
// Use of this source code is governed by a BSD-style
// license that can be found in the LICENSE file.
package cache
import (
// Declare explicit types for package paths, names, and IDs to ensure that we
// never use an ID where a path belongs, and vice versa. If we confused these,
// it would result in confusing errors because package IDs often look like
// package paths.
type (
PackageID string
PackagePath string
PackageName string
// Metadata holds package Metadata extracted from a call to packages.Load.
type Metadata struct {
ID PackageID
PkgPath PackagePath
Name PackageName
GoFiles []span.URI
CompiledGoFiles []span.URI
ForTest PackagePath
TypesSizes types.Sizes
Errors []packages.Error
Deps []PackageID
MissingDeps map[PackagePath]struct{}
Module *packages.Module
depsErrors []*packagesinternal.PackageError
// Config is the *packages.Config associated with the loaded package.
Config *packages.Config
// IsIntermediateTestVariant reports whether the given package is an
// intermediate test variant, e.g.
// " []".
IsIntermediateTestVariant bool
// Name implements the source.Metadata interface.
func (m *Metadata) PackageName() string {
return string(m.Name)
// PkgPath implements the source.Metadata interface.
func (m *Metadata) PackagePath() string {
return string(m.PkgPath)
// KnownMetadata is a wrapper around metadata that tracks its validity.
type KnownMetadata struct {
// Valid is true if the given metadata is Valid.
// Invalid metadata can still be used if a metadata reload fails.
Valid bool
// ShouldLoad is true if the given metadata should be reloaded.
ShouldLoad bool