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//go:build go1.21
// +build go1.21
package bad
// TODO(matloob): uncomment this and remove the space between the // and the @diag
// once the changes that produce the new go list error are submitted.
import _ "" //@diag("\"\"", "compiler", "could not import", "error"),diag("_", "go list", "use of internal package not allowed", "error")
func stuff() { //@item(stuff, "stuff", "func()", "func")
x := "heeeeyyyy"
random2(x) //@diag("x", "compiler", "cannot use x \\(variable of type string\\) as int value in argument to random2", "error")
random2(1) //@complete("dom", random, random2, random3)
y := 3 //@diag("y", "compiler", "y declared (and|but) not used", "error")
type bob struct { //@item(bob, "bob", "struct{...}", "struct")
x int
func _() {
var q int
_ = &bob{
f: q, //@diag("f: q", "compiler", "unknown field f in struct literal", "error")