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// Copyright 2022 The Go Authors. All rights reserved.
// Use of this source code is governed by a BSD-style
// license that can be found in the LICENSE file.
package ssa_test
import (
func TestCoreType(t *testing.T) {
if !typeparams.Enabled {
t.Skip("TestCoreType requires type parameters.")
const source = `
package P
type Named int
type A any
type B interface{~int}
type C interface{int}
type D interface{Named}
type E interface{~int|interface{Named}}
type F interface{~int|~float32}
type G interface{chan int|interface{chan int}}
type H interface{chan int|chan float32}
type I interface{chan<- int|chan int}
type J interface{chan int|chan<- int}
type K interface{<-chan int|chan int}
type L interface{chan int|<-chan int}
type M interface{chan int|chan Named}
type N interface{<-chan int|chan<- int}
type O interface{chan int|bool}
type P struct{ Named }
type Q interface{ Foo() }
type R interface{ Foo() ; Named }
type S interface{ Foo() ; ~int }
type T interface{chan int|interface{chan int}|<-chan int}
fset := token.NewFileSet()
f, err := parser.ParseFile(fset, "hello.go", source, 0)
if err != nil {
var conf types.Config
pkg, err := conf.Check("P", fset, []*ast.File{f}, nil)
if err != nil {
for _, test := range []struct {
expr string // type expression of Named type
want string // expected core type (or "<nil>" if none)
{"Named", "int"}, // Underlying type is not interface.
{"A", "<nil>"}, // Interface has no terms.
{"B", "int"}, // Tilde term.
{"C", "int"}, // Non-tilde term.
{"D", "int"}, // Named term.
{"E", "int"}, // Identical underlying types.
{"F", "<nil>"}, // Differing underlying types.
{"G", "chan int"}, // Identical Element types.
{"H", "<nil>"}, // Element type int has differing underlying type to float32.
{"I", "chan<- int"}, // SendRecv followed by SendOnly
{"J", "chan<- int"}, // SendOnly followed by SendRecv
{"K", "<-chan int"}, // RecvOnly followed by SendRecv
{"L", "<-chan int"}, // SendRecv followed by RecvOnly
{"M", "<nil>"}, // Element type int is not *identical* to Named.
{"N", "<nil>"}, // Differing channel directions
{"O", "<nil>"}, // A channel followed by a non-channel.
{"P", "struct{P.Named}"}, // Embedded type.
{"Q", "<nil>"}, // interface type with no terms and functions
{"R", "int"}, // interface type with both terms and functions.
{"S", "int"}, // interface type with a tilde term
{"T", "<-chan int"}, // Prefix of 2 terms that are identical before switching to channel.
} {
// Eval() expr for its type.
tv, err := types.Eval(fset, pkg, 0, test.expr)
if err != nil {
t.Fatalf("Eval(%s) failed: %v", test.expr, err)
ct := typeparams.CoreType(tv.Type)
var got string
if ct == nil {
got = "<nil>"
} else {
got = ct.String()
if got != test.want {
t.Errorf("CoreType(%s) = %v, want %v", test.expr, got, test.want)