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// Copyright 2017 The Go Authors. All rights reserved.
// Use of this source code is governed by a BSD-style
// license that can be found in the LICENSE file.
package main
import ""
func main() {
p := message.NewPrinter(message.MatchLanguage("en"))
// NOT EXTRACTED: strings passed to Println are not extracted.
p.Println("Hello world!")
// NOT EXTRACTED: strings passed to Print are not extracted.
p.Print("Hello world!\n")
// Extract and trim whitespace (TODO).
p.Printf("Hello world!\n")
// NOT EXTRACTED: city is not used as a pattern or passed to %m.
city := "Amsterdam"
// This comment is extracted.
p.Printf("Hello %s!\n", city)
person := "Sheila"
place := "Z├╝rich"
// Substitutions replaced by variable names.
p.Printf("%s is visiting %s!\n",
person, // The person of matter.
place, // Place the person is visiting.
pp := struct {
Person string // The person of matter. // TODO: get this comment.
Place string
extra int
person, place, 4,
// extract will drop this comment in favor of the one below.
p.Printf("%[1]s is visiting %[3]s!\n", // Field names are placeholders.
pp.Place, // Place the person is visiting.
// Numeric literal becomes placeholder.
p.Printf("%d files remaining!", 2)
const n = 2
// Constant identifier becomes placeholder.
p.Printf("%d more files remaining!", n)
// Infer better names from type names.
type referralCode int
const c = referralCode(5)
// Use type name as placeholder.
p.Printf("Use the following code for your discount: %d\n", c)
// Use constant name as message ID.
const msgOutOfOrder = "%s is out of order!" // This comment wins.
const device = "Soda machine"
// This message has two IDs.
p.Printf(msgOutOfOrder, device)
// Multiple substitutions for same argument.
miles := 1.2345
p.Printf("%.2[1]f miles traveled (%[1]f)", miles)