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  1. gotelemetryview/
  2. shared/
  3. telemetrygodev/
  4. worker/
  5. content.go
  6. generate.go

Telemetry Content

This directory contains the templates, styles, scripts, and images used in the telemetry services. Scripts and styles are transformed and minified by the generator in content.go.

Scripts & Styles

The generator command will look for entrypoint scripts and styles, i.e. files that are not prefixed with an underscore, and minfiy their contents. TypeScript files are also transformed into JavaScript. See devtools/cmd/esbuild for more information.


Use the .html extension to create a new route, or put an index.html file in a directory with the desired path. Partial templates with the extension .tmpl in the same directory as the requested page are included in the html/template execution step to allow for sharing and composing multiple templates. See internal/content for more information.