Go Telemetry services and libraries

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Go Telemetry

This repository holds the Go Telemetry server code and libraries.

Linting & Formatting

This repository uses eslint to format TS files, stylelint to format CSS files, and prettier to format TS, CSS, Markdown, and YAML files.

See the style guides:

It is encouraged that all TS and CSS code be run through formatters before submitting a change. However, it is not a strict requirement enforced by CI.

Installing npm Dependencies:

  1. Install docker
  2. Run ./npm install

Run ESLint, Stylelint, & Prettier

./npm run all

Report Issues / Send Patches

This repository uses Gerrit for code changes. To learn how to submit changes to this repository, see https://golang.org/doc/contribute.html.

The main issue tracker for the time repository is located at https://github.com/golang/go/issues. Prefix your issue with “x/telemetry:” in the subject line, so it is easy to find.