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  2. cloudbuild.yaml
  3. config.go
  4. Dockerfile
  5. main.go
  6. main_test.go


Local Development

For local development, simply build and run. It serves on localhost:8080.

go run ./cmd/telemetrygodev

By default, the server will use the filesystem for storage object I/O. Run the cloud storage emulator and use the -gcs flag to use the Cloud Storage API.

go run ./cmd/telemetrygodev --gcs

Environment Variables

GO_TELEMETRY_STORAGE_EMULATOR_HOSTlocalhost:8081Host for the Cloud Storage emulator
GO_TELEMETRY_LOCAL_STORAGE.localstorageDirectory for storage emulator I/O or file system storage
GO_TELEMETRY_UPLOAD_CONFIG../config/config.jsonLocation of the upload config used for report validation
GO_TELEMETRY_MAX_REQUEST_BYTES102400Maximum request body size the server allows
GO_TELEMETRY_ENVlocalDeployment environment (e.g. prod, dev, local, ... )


The web site has a suite of regression tests that can be run with:

go test


Each time a CL is reviewed and submitted, the site is automatically deployed to Cloud Run. If it passes its serving-readiness checks, it will be automatically promoted to handle traffic.

If the automatic deployment is not working, or to check on the status of a pending deployment, see the “telemetrygodev” trigger in the Cloud Build history.

Test Instance

To deploy a test instance of this service, push to a branch and manually trigger the deploy job from the Cloud Build console with the desired values for branch and service name.