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// Copyright 2014 The Go Authors. All rights reserved.
// Use of this source code is governed by a BSD-style
// license that can be found in the LICENSE file.
package main
import (
// TODO(rsc): Add -tbr, along with standard exceptions (doc/go1.5.txt)
func cmdSubmit(args []string) {
flags.Usage = func() {
fmt.Fprintf(stderr(), "Usage: %s submit %s [commit-hash]\n", os.Args[0], globalFlags)
if n := len(flags.Args()); n > 1 {
b := CurrentBranch()
var c *Commit
if len(flags.Args()) == 1 {
c = b.CommitByHash("submit", flags.Arg(0))
} else {
c = b.DefaultCommit("submit")
// No staged changes.
// Also, no unstaged changes, at least for now.
// This makes sure the sync at the end will work well.
// We can relax this later if there is a good reason.
// Fetch Gerrit information about this change.
g, err := b.GerritChange(c, "LABELS", "CURRENT_REVISION")
if err != nil {
dief("%v", err)
// Check Gerrit change status.
switch g.Status {
dief("cannot submit: unexpected Gerrit change status %q", g.Status)
case "NEW", "SUBMITTED":
// Not yet "MERGED", so try the submit.
// "SUBMITTED" is a weird state. It means that Submit has been clicked once,
// but it hasn't happened yet, usually because of a merge failure.
// The user may have done git sync and may now have a mergable
// copy waiting to be uploaded, so continue on as if it were "NEW".
case "MERGED":
// Can happen if moving between different clients.
dief("cannot submit: change already submitted, run 'git sync'")
dief("cannot submit: change abandoned")
// Check for label approvals (like CodeReview+2).
// The final submit will check these too, but it is better to fail now.
for _, name := range g.LabelNames() {
label := g.Labels[name]
if label.Optional {
if label.Rejected != nil {
dief("cannot submit: change has %s rejection", name)
if label.Approved == nil {
dief("cannot submit: change missing %s approval", name)
// Upload most recent revision if not already on server.
if c.Hash != g.CurrentRevision {
run("git", "push", "-q", "origin", b.PushSpec(c))
// Refetch change information, especially mergeable.
g, err = b.GerritChange(c, "LABELS", "CURRENT_REVISION")
if err != nil {
dief("%v", err)
// Don't bother if the server can't merge the changes.
if !g.Mergeable {
// Server cannot merge; explicit sync is needed.
dief("cannot submit: conflicting changes submitted, run 'git sync'")
if *noRun {
dief("stopped before submit")
// Otherwise, try the submit. Sends back updated GerritChange,
// but we need extended information and the reply is in the
// "SUBMITTED" state anyway, so ignore the GerritChange
// in the response and fetch a new one below.
if err := gerritAPI("/a/changes/"+fullChangeID(b, c)+"/submit", []byte(`{"wait_for_merge": true}`), nil); err != nil {
dief("cannot submit: %v", err)
// It is common to get back "SUBMITTED" for a split second after the
// request is made. That indicates that the change has been queued for submit,
// but the first merge (the one wait_for_merge waited for)
// failed, possibly due to a spurious condition. We see this often, and the
// status usually changes to MERGED shortly thereafter.
// Wait a little while to see if we can get to a different state.
const steps = 6
const max = 2 * time.Second
for i := 0; i < steps; i++ {
time.Sleep(max * (1 << uint(i+1)) / (1 << steps))
g, err = b.GerritChange(c, "LABELS", "CURRENT_REVISION")
if err != nil {
dief("waiting for merge: %v", err)
if g.Status != "SUBMITTED" {
switch g.Status {
dief("submit error: unexpected post-submit Gerrit change status %q", g.Status)
case "MERGED":
// good
// see above
dief("cannot submit: timed out waiting for change to be submitted by Gerrit")
// Sync client to revision that Gerrit committed, but only if we can do it cleanly.
// Otherwise require user to run 'git sync' themselves (if they care).
run("git", "fetch", "-q")
if len(b.Pending()) == 1 {
if err := runErr("git", "checkout", "-q", "-B", b.Name, g.CurrentRevision, "--"); err != nil {
dief("submit succeeded, but cannot sync local branch\n"+
"\trun 'git sync' to sync, or\n"+
"\trun 'git branch -D %s; git change master; git sync' to discard local branch", b.Name)
} else {
printf("submit succeeded; run 'git sync' to sync")
// Done! Change is submitted, branch is up to date, ready for new work.