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// Copyright 2018 The Go Authors. All rights reserved.
// Use of this source code is governed by a BSD-style
// license that can be found in the LICENSE file.
syntax = "proto3";
package test;
option go_package = "";
// test_a_1/m*.proto are in the same Go package and proto package.
// test_a_*/*.proto are in different Go packages, but the same proto package.
// test_b_1/*.proto are in the same Go package, but different proto packages.
// fmt/m.proto has a package name which conflicts with "fmt".
import "cmd/protoc-gen-go/testdata/imports/test_a_1/m1.proto";
import "cmd/protoc-gen-go/testdata/imports/test_a_1/m2.proto";
import "cmd/protoc-gen-go/testdata/imports/test_a_2/m3.proto"; // unused in this file
import "cmd/protoc-gen-go/testdata/imports/test_a_2/m4.proto"; // unused in this file
import "cmd/protoc-gen-go/testdata/imports/test_b_1/m1.proto";
import "cmd/protoc-gen-go/testdata/imports/test_b_1/m2.proto";
import "cmd/protoc-gen-go/testdata/imports/fmt/m.proto";
message All {
test.a.M1 am1 = 1;
test.a.M2 am2 = 2;
test.b.part1.M1 bm1 = 5;
test.b.part2.M2 bm2 = 6;
fmt.M fmt = 7;