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 replace (
- => ./tools
+ => ../tools v0.4.1  => v0.5
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 build them. Not respecting them would break users unnessesarily. `replace`
 directives exist in the workspace file to allow for resolving conflicts between
 `replace`s in workspace modules. Because all workspace modules exist as
-co-equals in the workspace, there is no other clear and intuitive way to resolve
-`replace` conflicts.
+co-equals in the workspace, there is no clear and intuitive way to resolve
+`replace` conflicts without explicit input from the user. One alternative is
+to add special syntax for overriding replaces to make the overriding behavior
+more explicit, and an additional option is to add an option to add syntax to
+nullify replaces without overriding them.
 Working in modules not listed in the workspace file is disallowed to avoid what
 could become a common source of confusion: if the `go` command stayed in