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// Copyright 2020 The Go Authors. All rights reserved.
// Use of this source code is governed by a BSD-style
// license that can be found in the LICENSE file.
package internal
import (
// WaitOrStop waits for the already-started command cmd by calling its Wait method.
// If cmd does not return before ctx is done, WaitOrStop sends it the given interrupt signal.
// If killDelay is positive, WaitOrStop waits that additional period for Wait to return before sending os.Kill.
func WaitOrStop(ctx context.Context, cmd *exec.Cmd, interrupt os.Signal, killDelay time.Duration) error {
if cmd.Process == nil {
panic("WaitOrStop called with a nil cmd.Process — missing Start call?")
if interrupt == nil {
panic("WaitOrStop requires a non-nil interrupt signal")
errc := make(chan error)
go func() {
select {
case errc <- nil:
case <-ctx.Done():
err := cmd.Process.Signal(interrupt)
if err == nil {
err = ctx.Err() // Report ctx.Err() as the reason we interrupted.
} else if err.Error() == "os: process already finished" {
errc <- nil
if killDelay > 0 {
timer := time.NewTimer(killDelay)
select {
// Report ctx.Err() as the reason we interrupted the process...
case errc <- ctx.Err():
// ...but after killDelay has elapsed, fall back to a stronger signal.
case <-timer.C:
// Wait still hasn't returned.
// Kill the process harder to make sure that it exits.
// Ignore any error: if cmd.Process has already terminated, we still
// want to send ctx.Err() (or the error from the Interrupt call)
// to properly attribute the signal that may have terminated it.
_ = cmd.Process.Kill()
errc <- err
waitErr := cmd.Wait()
if interruptErr := <-errc; interruptErr != nil {
return interruptErr
return waitErr
// PeriodicallyDo calls f every period until the provided context is cancelled.
func PeriodicallyDo(ctx context.Context, period time.Duration, f func(context.Context, time.Time)) {
ticker := time.NewTicker(period)
defer ticker.Stop()
for {
select {
case <-ctx.Done():
case now := <-ticker.C:
f(ctx, now)