sandbox: always use latest runsc version

Configure cloud-init.yaml to always use the latest stable runsc release.
This will ensure we get security and bug fixes as we restart our sandbox

Fixes golang/go#38317

Change-Id: Ib1d763a3256cb2ce37388c700fdbf35fec8d8d80
Trust: Alexander Rakoczy <>
Run-TryBot: Alexander Rakoczy <>
TryBot-Result: Go Bot <>
Reviewed-by: Carlos Amedee <>
Reviewed-by: Dmitri Shuralyov <>
diff --git a/sandbox/cloud-init.yaml b/sandbox/cloud-init.yaml
index 41195a4..66e4090 100644
--- a/sandbox/cloud-init.yaml
+++ b/sandbox/cloud-init.yaml
@@ -12,6 +12,6 @@
-- curl -L -o /var/lib/docker/runsc
+- curl -L -o /var/lib/docker/runsc
 - chmod +x /var/lib/docker/runsc
 - systemctl reload docker.service