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// Copyright 2019 The Go Authors. All rights reserved.
// Use of this source code is governed by a BSD-style
// license that can be found in the LICENSE file.
package frontend
import (
// TabSettings defines tab-specific metadata.
type TabSettings struct {
// Name is the tab name used in the URL.
Name string
// DisplayName is the formatted tab name.
DisplayName string
// AlwaysShowDetails defines whether the tab content can be shown even if the
// package is not determined to be redistributable.
AlwaysShowDetails bool
// TemplateName is the name of the template used to render the
// corresponding tab, as defined in Server.templates.
TemplateName string
// Disabled indicates whether a tab should be displayed as disabled.
Disabled bool
const (
tabMain = ""
tabVersions = "versions"
tabImports = "imports"
tabImportedBy = "importedby"
tabLicenses = "licenses"
var (
unitTabs = []TabSettings{
Name: tabMain,
TemplateName: "unit/main",
Name: tabVersions,
TemplateName: "unit/versions",
Name: tabImports,
TemplateName: "unit/imports",
Name: tabImportedBy,
TemplateName: "unit/importedby",
Name: tabLicenses,
TemplateName: "unit/licenses",
unitTabLookup = make(map[string]TabSettings, len(unitTabs))
func init() {
for _, t := range unitTabs {
unitTabLookup[t.Name] = t
// fetchDetailsForUnit returns tab details by delegating to the correct detail
// handler.
func fetchDetailsForUnit(ctx context.Context, r *http.Request, tab string, ds internal.DataSource, um *internal.UnitMeta,
requestedVersion string, bc internal.BuildContext,
vc *vuln.Client) (_ any, err error) {
defer derrors.Wrap(&err, "fetchDetailsForUnit(r, %q, ds, um=%q,%q,%q)", tab, um.Path, um.ModulePath, um.Version)
switch tab {
case tabMain:
_, expandReadme := r.URL.Query()["readme"]
return fetchMainDetails(ctx, ds, um, requestedVersion, expandReadme, bc)
case tabVersions:
return versions.FetchVersionsDetails(ctx, ds, um, vc)
case tabImports:
return fetchImportsDetails(ctx, ds, um.Path, um.ModulePath, um.Version)
case tabImportedBy:
return fetchImportedByDetails(ctx, ds, um.Path, um.ModulePath)
case tabLicenses:
return fetchLicensesDetails(ctx, ds, um)
return nil, fmt.Errorf("BUG: unable to fetch details: unknown tab %q", tab)